Flagging Membership Records Before They Move Out

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Flagging Membership Records Before They Move Out


Post by mattbweber »

Is it possible to flag the membership record of someone in our unit which would, in case the records are moved, indicate to the new bishop the need to call the previous bishop? I found a post that addressed this issue but it was 4 years old, and back then it seemed that this was not possible. I know that such a thing can be accomplished when I actively move the records to a new unit but what if the records are pulled from our unit? This is why it would be nice to prematurely flag the record as a precaution.
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Post by russellhltn »

There's no change I'm aware of.

One issue I can see with this is that a ward might forget to unflagg a record. So when the member moves out 10 years and 3 bishops later, no one will know what to tell the new bishop when he calls and asks.
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This has been discussed more recently in these threads, which may give you some helpful suggestions:
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