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Post by carljokl »

I could post this question on a more generic site but thought I could ask the question while I was already posting about something else. It is regards the crimping of network cables. I have crimped cables many times and so am familiar with the process. I have had a problem with a batch of cables I crimped for one building. The cables work but do not click into place. I can bend the securing bit of plastic out a bit and try again but no matter what I do it does not click in place and so the cables do not hold securely and can come out easily. I am looking at re-crimping them again to overcome the problem but wanted to ask individuals potentially who have more experience crimping if the problem is most likely to be a bad batch of or poor quality network ends or if a problem with the crimping tool could be causing the crimped cables not to click in place as they should.
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Post by silid »

I think the plugs should latch even before being crimped. Have you tried that?
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Post by Mikerowaved »

I actually ran across this myself recently with a batch of connectors. For me, carefully bending the plastic tang outward after crimping solved the problem. YMMV.
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Post by russellhltn »

silid wrote:I think the plugs should latch even before being crimped. Have you tried that?

Without crimping, I think the contacts stick up too high to allow the plug to go in properly.

It sounds to me like the plugs you are using are of poor quality or perhaps not the right plug for the type of wire you are using. Other then not being able to push the contacts down far enough, I can't see how a bad crimp job would prevent the plug from locking correctly.
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Post by jdlessley »

I have been terminating cat5, 5e, and 6 cables for many years and have noted quality differences from manufacturer to manufacturer and sometimes within production lots from the same manufacturer. The poorer quality manufacturer's products had either problems remaining locked in place in the outlet or maintaining a secure cable crimp. Using a good quality connector not only will function mechanically well but will provide sound electrical connection without introducing noise and lose of bandwidth. I learned to spend the extra money on a quality product and get the performance specified in the standards.
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