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Gospel Library for BlackBerry installing 1 0 5

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:48 pm
by jmarriott
I just saw a post on facebook about the new gospel library version for blackberry. I'm trying to get it installed on my bb tour 9630 running without a data plan

It seemed to install just fine through the desktop manager, and I was able to open it and
get to the screen where it asked me if I wanted to "download now?"

Then, I tried unzipping the "" file into the /GospelLibrary/c1 folder on my sd card. The app still asked me if I wanted to "Download now?" and so I tried restarting with the same result. I cannot seem to get to any menu that lets me verify the data, which some people have evidently been able to do (maybe with an older version?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!