New Dell 740 install

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New Dell 740 install


Post by tuple-p40 »

I just received a new Dell 740 as a replacement for a machine that died at one of our local units.

There are two sets of instructions for setting the machine up at: > Local Unit Computer Instructions > Dell 740 Computers and Desktop 5.5 Instructions

The first set of instructions are under the title:

If you have access to an external USB CD Drive

and the second under the title:

If you do not have access to an external USB CD Drive

This is a brand new machine with an internal CD/DVD drive. I'm confused about what difference it would make whether the drive is internal or external when choosing the appropriate imaging instructions?

Anyone with comments or experience with setting up a new Dell 740? Thanks!
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Post by russellhltn »

Desktop 5.5 won't boot off the internal CD-ROM that shipped with the Dell 740 (SATA interface ????). It will boot off of a USB CD drive.

If you can get a USB CD-ROM, then you install Desktop 5.5. If you don't, then you have to do the second best way which has it's limitations and isn't as secure IMO.

I edited your link as it bypassed the login to that site. Folks who want to look and have access can follow the navigation given.
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