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Due to a fallout between the developers and Oracle, has split to become LibreOffice and Apache has not been developed / updated in over a year. LibreOffice is much improved and faster than, and fixes a number of bugs that still has. LibreOffice is being developed extensively and has frequent updates.

LibreOffice is licensed under the terms of the LGPLv3 (new contributions are dual-licensed under both LGPLv3+ and MPL). This means you're free to use it for personal and commercial use, you're free to copy it and give copies away, and you're free to modify and redesign the source code, and to create derivative works.

Apache says that there going to start developing Apache, but in the mean time, LibreOffice is better than

Both LibreOffice and open up the same document formats and whatever you can do on can be done in LibreOffice. It also has better support with Microsoft Office documents as well.

Can the following page be updated to include LibreOffice as an office software to use on church computers to make people more aware of it?
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It's a valid question and was also recently asked in THIS thread. If your stake president approves it's use, I see no reason not to incorporate it on PCs throughout your stake. As for the church, I'm sure they will have to study it and look at it from several different angles before adopting its use church-wide. There are good reasons they are a bit slow to adopt every new thing that comes along, no matter how good it may be.
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