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How to quickly find all dates of a partiuclar meeting on a calendar…

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:48 pm
by michaelfish
Would you would like to search for all occurrences of a particular meeting and display only the dates of those meetings?

To find every date of a particular meeting, I synchronized the church calendar with Outlook (2007), which created a copy of the church calendar in Outlook. Then by using the search feature in Outlook, I typed in and searched for particular meetings.

Outlook filtered a list of the meetings and associated dates.

For example, suppose you need to create a list of every meeting (and associated meeting dates) for the Stake President's private calendar.

I did this by copying the list of required meetings from the Chart of Stake(Ward) Meetings (Stake meetings are in handbook 1, this link is for the Ward's chart) and created a frequency column and listed the dates of all his meetings. I gave this list to the Executive Secretary.

To find the dates of all Priesthood Executive Meetings, I typed in "Stake PEC" in Outlook's search box:

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