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boomerbubba wrote:Another factor with respect to the letter and intent of church policy on such external sites is that mfarley's resource calendar is being published to the whole world, not just to the authenticated members of the stake as in the LUWS resource calendar.

Aurhoritative interpretation of church policy here should come from the stake president. The key question is whether he has approved this.

Good point.. The Stake President is going to have his first look this weekend. I'll see if he has any feedback as to the privacy of the content.

As it stands now it's bare minimum -- just a time and room #, no personal information (no names, phone #'s, etc).

Even without publishing the calendar, the request form is a great tool in itself for receiving scheduling requests.
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mfarley wrote:Seeing the various complaints with the system (and the fact that I couldn't even get into our ward's site), I ended up just creating my own site where people can fill out a form to request a reservation that I'll have to approve.
There are many stakes successfully using the capabilities of the ward and stake websites on While there are certainly improvements that could be helpful, I wouldn't read too much into the complaints you read here. When things work well, there's not much motivation to come here and post, so just reviewing posts here will obviously give an impression that is skewed towards the negative.

Our stake is using the building scheduling quite successfully for two of the buildings, and I hope to encourage those in charge of the remaining building to follow suit. The system works reasonably well, and has the great virtue of following Church policy.
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I echo Alan's post. We have been using the features of the LUWS quite successfully to schedule the stake center. When taking the issue of the website you created to the stake president for approval I would make sure he is aware of the December 14, 2004, Authorized Church Web Sites policy letter. My stake president was vaguely aware of it when we had an issue that needed discussion around a related subject matter.

Fixing the problem with access to the LUWS seems to be a better approach.
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