Stack 3.2 beta 1 Released!

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Stack 3.2 beta 1 Released!


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The Java Stack team is pleased to announce the release of Stack 3.2 beta 1. This release represents the culmination of almost a year of queued up changes and features that we could put into a maintenance release. Below is a list of highlights. I've provided links to new and noteworthy documents where appropriate:
Also in this release we have a solution to officially support upgrading Stack 2.x projects to Stack 3 running on JDK 7 and Tomcat 7. This can be done with very little change in most situations. Most upgrade issues will come from upgrading from ACEGI Security to Spring Security if you have much custom security code in your application.

As far as upgrading existing 3.x applications to 3.2 we have a rather thorough set of upgrade notes you can step through to upgrade your application. ... notes.html. The most significant changes are related to the LDS Account integration updates.

As always feel free to contact a member of the stack team with questions or for help in upgrading.

The next 3.2 release is scheduled for January. We're currently following Spring 3.1's release progress (currently at RC1). We plan to release 3.2 final soon after Spring 3.1 goes final.


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