Newly Formatted MLS Stake Callings

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Newly Formatted MLS Stake Callings


Post by jhigbee »

For any who have printed their ward callings list lately, you may have noticed the recent MLS version has added a feature where certain (“standard”) Stake callings held by your ward members are printed after your other ward callings categories. Our ward happens to have an abundance of callings in our stake, including four members of the “stake presidency” (three being stake clerks); so this apparently new feature consists of 9 separate Stake categories (each having a bold heading and 2-line title block). For my past 8 years, we have maintained these stake callings in the “Out of Unit” category of callings, along with several other callings (a few of which are other Stake callings, but most are others like Temple workers, Family History Library, etc.); this list currently totals about 33 callings.

My question is whether this new feature will be a permanent fixture, meaning that we should remove all of our duplicated stake callings? Or whether it may go away in the near future and we’ll have to re-enter them in our Out of Unit category?
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Only the developers know for sure, but it unusual for a new feature to go away. I'd assume it's permanent.
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