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boomerbubba wrote:Sounds like the single adults organization is in vliolation on the FIrst Presidency policy. And if the Relief Society would be, too, if it put up such a web site. The approved online forum for that is an announcement on LUWS.

If you want to stay on your personal site, "Zaneclark encourages all the sisters to attend the upcoming Relief Society conference, See the stake web site on www.lds.org for details." that's okay. (Do all the sisters in your ward customarily browse your personal web site? I doubt it.) But if your site purports to represent the Releif Society and posts its announcement directly, then I think that is coloring outside the lines.
I would suggest that you contact your Stake Technology Specialist and have him post your information in pdf format as an attachment to a news article on the Stake Web Site. This would be in agreement with church policy and it would also encourage the sisters to use the technologies that the church provides. The stake web site would be visible from all of the wards.
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