Accessibility issues in JIRA

After you have signed up for the Accessibility project, you will be able to access the JIRA Project. JIRA is the project tracking tool that we will use to mange the work we are doing. In JIRA, you will be working on specific issues.

Learn how to add an accessibility issue in JIRA here.

Here are some of the common things that you will do with issues in JIRA:

Adding an issue

From the main Accessibility project JIRA Page begin by clicking on the "Create Issue" link in the top right-hand corner, which will bring up a dialog that allows you to select a project and issue type or click on the "Bug," "New Feature," or "Other" links to get started.

Visit overview of an accessibility issue in JIRA for more information on how to fill out an issue.

Claim an issue

There are issues in JIRA that someone has logged, but no one has claimed yet. Once you are logged into JIRA, you can view unclaimed issues here. When viewing one of these issues, simply click "Assign to Me" to take ownership for that issue. After you have completed the issue, add a label of "NeedsReview" so that someone else can come in and review the work you have done.

Review an issue

Once logged in, you can review issues that have been marked "NeedsReview" to review the work that has already been done. Once an issue has been reviewed and validated, add a label of "ReadyForDev" so that it can be pushed to the team that needs to do the work.

Watch an issue

If there is an issue that you are interested in and would like to follow the progress, click on "Watch" to receive notifications when any updates are made to that issue.

Vote on an issue

If there is an issue that you feel is important, but you are unable to work on it, let the group know you feel it is important by click on "Vote" to indicate that issue is important to you.

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