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Add or update categories (MLS)

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The Add/Update Categories screen can be accessed from the Finances page in MLS.

Add/Update Categories Screen

The Add/Update Categories screen will allow a user to:

  • View all current categories and subcategories.
  • Create new subcategories.
  • Activate or inactivate subcategories.
  • Rename subcategories.
  • Delete subcategories that haven't been used.

Category layout

Characteristics of categories and subcategories:

  • Red X - Has been created by Church Headquarters.
  • Green circle - Has been created by the local unit.
  • Red text - Cannot be edited.
  • Gray text - Has been inactivated.
  • Black text - Is an active category or subcategory.

Creating a subcategory

To create a subcategory:

  1. Click on the category or subcategory that the subcategory should be created under. This will highlight the selected category or subcategory.
  2. Click on the Add... button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. A subcategory will be created. Its default name will be New Category.
  4. Type in the name for the subcategory.
  5. Click on a subcategory above or below. This will un-highlight the new subcategory. This will save the change.

Deleting a subcategory

To delete a subcategory:

  1. First make sure that the subcategory has a balance of 0. If not, make appropriate transfers to bring it to 0.
  2. Select the subcategory to be deleted.
  3. Click on the Delete button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear asking if you're sure. Click Yes.
  5. The category will be deleted.

Activating/deactivating a subcategory

Note: Before deactivating a subcategory, first make sure the subcategory has a zero balance. If not, make appropriate transfers to bring the balance to zero.

To activate/inactivate a subcategory:

  1. Select the subcategory.
  2. To activate the subcategory, check the Active box in the upper-middle of the page. A green check mark indicates that the subcategory is active.
  3. To deactivate the subcategory, uncheck the green check mark in the Active box.

Renaming a subcategory

To rename a subcategory:

  1. Click on the subcategory once to highlight it.
  2. Click on the subcategory a second time. This will change the highlight to an editing field.
    • The second click should be a couple of seconds after the first click. It's not a typical double-click. It'll take another couple of seconds for the editing field to show.
  3. Type in the new name for the subcategory.
  4. Click on a subcategory below or above to un-highlight it. This will save the change.