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Adding Clerk Computers to Management System

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To add your computer to the Church’s management system, click on the link below. This process can be done by a Technology Specialist or a Ward/Stake Clerk.

Adding Computer to Church Management

Installing the Application

Listed below are items to be aware of during the installation process. If you run into problems or can’t resolve an issue, please contact the Global Service Department.

Warning Dialog:

You may see a warning dialog asking to use caution when downloading the application. Please click the “proceed” button to dismiss the dialog.

Warning Dialog.png

Download Block:

If the web browser blocks the download, right-click on the download, and select “keep.”

Download Block.png

Keep Download.png

Open File:

Once downloaded from your browser, select “Open file” to install the Management Tools to your computer.

Open file.png

Install and Reboot:

Once the application is installed, it is recommended to reboot your computer. If possible, leave your computer powered on for 24 hours to finish the enrollment and install updates and security patches.