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Android sideloading

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Currently the LDS Android applications are only available in the Google Play / Android Market and some of them in the Amazon Kindle Store. Some devices (such as Kindle Fire and others) do not have access to all the applications. Until we are able to distribute our applications through alternative markets you are welcome to install by sideloading.

This process requires you to change a setting allowing installation from unknown sources on your device and download the apk file through the link provided for each application. Some devices do not support setting this option so sideloading may not be supported on those devices.

APK links

If you don't have access to Google Play / Android Market you can download the latest APK files directly below:

Gospel Library Download
Gospel Library
LDS Tools
Mormon Channel
LDS Youth Download
LDS Youth
Bible Videos Download
Bible Videos

For other versions: LDS Mobile Apps

Market links

  1. If you are able to and want to download from Google Play / Android Market go here: Android LDS Mobile Apps
  2. If you are able to and want to download from Amazon Appstore for Android (Amazon Kindle Store) go here: LDS Mobile Apps for Kindle Fire