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This page documents frequently asked questions regarding MLS. Questions that have answers of a reasonable length should be asked and answered here; questions with longer answers should probably be addressed in a separate article.

What do I do if I get an error while trying to transmit?

Occasionally MLS has trouble communicating with the server at CHQ. It can occasionally produce errors when attempting to connect, the article on Troubleshooting MLS Transmission Problems has more information.

Why do I get a "Security Failure" message when I transmit?

Most often the Security Failure message occurs after MLS is installed on a new computer, or if MLS is completely uninstalled and then reinstalled. There is a security mechanism in the MLS communication system that verifies that the transmission is coming from an authorized MLS installation. Simply contact your administrative office and they can immediately reset the security to enable MLS transmissions.

Note that because of this security mechanism, one should not expect to be able to install MLS on a new computer and begin doing transmissions on weekends or other hours when telephone support is not available.

When I try to log in, the user name list is blank

Main article: Lost User Names

A missing list of user names at the login screen can be caused by several things, but the most prominent is improperly exiting MLS. To recover the list restore the most recent backup from the mlsData file.

After installing MLS or an update, I get a "Java Error" when starting the program

This is usually caused by an incomplete download or install of the new update or full MLS program. To resolve this, it is best to visit the MLS download site, download a full copy of the installer and install it over the top of the existing program.

How do I add a non-member spouse?

There are two different ways to add a nonmember spouse.

First, you can edit the Individual record of the member spouse, go to the Current Spouse panel, and click Edit. Then you add the information for the non-member, selecting No for "Is a Member?". You close the spouse's Individual record, then edit it once again. Now there is a link on the Current Spouse panel for "Add Spouse to Household". Click on that link, and then when you go to the Household Members panel, you see that the husband is now the Head of Household, and the wife is the spouse.

Alternatively, you can create a nonmember record for the spouse (Membership > Records > Nonmember Record). Enter The person's name and press Next>. Check whether or not the person is considered Head of Household. If not, then select Head of household from list. Complete the remainder of the sections before saving the record. With the new record created, use the Individual Record screen to create the marriage relationship.

How do I record a second marriage?

If the member has been previously married and the marriage has ended due to death or divorce, the spouse will still show on the Individual Record as deceased. From the record, just editing the spouse information will not record the new marriage. This can only be done by clicking the Record Ordinances link under the Membership section, and under Marriage clicking Record Civil Marriage.

For more information see Recording ordinances and Recording events.

How can I change/update multiple fields at the same time (batch edit)?

Record Navigation Controls

Currently, there is no functionality to perform this type of edit in MLS. All edits have to be made manually one at a time.

However, if you need to change the same field in many membership or household records at the same time, you can save time by using the arrow buttons located in the upper right corner of the Household Record or Member Record screens. For example, if you are changing the phone numbers of all the households to add an area code:

  1. Select the first household record alphabetically
  2. Go to the Contact Information screen.
  3. Change the phone number for the household.
  4. Then instead of closing the Household Record screen, click the blue triangle button at the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to the next household alphabetically, and you will still be viewing the Contact Information screen.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have edited all the households.

How do I get confidential forms?

Several confidential forms are available in MLS, starting with version 2.8. Formerly, these forms had to be requested from CHQ, but now they are not only available in MLS, but MLS will also fill in information on the individuals involved, which is very helpful. Once the forms are filled in, they may be saved for future access (but the saved versions should be discarded according to the individual instructions at the same time the paper versions are destroyed).

There is a helpful instruction page at the beginning of the Confidential Forms area, and the forms themselves have excellent guidance on what the forms are used for, how to fill them out and submit them, and how the forms should be retained and destroyed. From the opening MLS screen, under Other Resources, there is a link to Confidential Forms. These forms include:

  • Report of Disciplinary Action
  • Report of Administrative Action
  • Baptism Record for Readmission
  • Application the First Presidency

Where do I find a signature card?

Main article: Signature card

The signature card for the unit's bank account can be printed from MLS.

Why do I see "Name Unknown" households in home teaching reports?

This seems to happen when household records are moved out of the ward, although there are reports of other situations as well. For more details, see this Thread on the Tech Discussion Forum

When I try to record an ordinance, the list of countries is blank

This can be caused by a number of issues, usually data damage. To restore damaged tables and refresh the lists, select Request Unit Refresh Data in the file menu, and select all of the options.

I am missing information on a ward/branch at the stake level

This most commonly occurs following a boundary realignment. Whether the stake has created a new unit, brought in a unit from another stake, or moved a unit out of the stake, information can be missing or incorrect. At the both the ward and stake level, the names and unit numbers need to be updated to reflect the new changes, once this is completed the information should populate automatically.

At the ward/stake MLS:

  1. Click on System Options.
  2. Click on Unit.
  3. Click on Edit in the Unit Information section.
  4. Enter the correct (stake/ward name and unit number) information.
    • If necessary, remove any old ward information on the stake computer.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Close and do a Send/Receive Changes.

Where can I find...?

Open the help file by pressing F1 or going through the help menu and perform a keyword search.

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