Bishops Storehouse Inventory and Reporting

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The Bishops Storehouse Inventory and Reporting system (BSIR) is a program that will be deployed initially and primarily in Central America, South America, and through the Caribbean in the various Bishops' Storehouses to track inventory, orders and volunteer hours. If you are interested in participating on this project, make sure that you have completed all of the steps in the requirements for participation.

Current status

The BSIR project is now live in production here:

Production requires approved LDS Accounts for access. There are still issues in progress which show up on the test site. The test site uses stage data.

Key information

Source code

The source code can be checked out at:

To browse use this link:

Issue tracking

Issues, tasks, and bugs can be found in the BSIR Jira instance:

Test system

The latest version in development can be found by visiting the BSIR test system: (WAM)

or (non-WAM)

Development requirements

The BSIR project is a PHP / MySQL project. Developers who wish to participate in the development should configure their development environment with PHP 5.1-5.2 and MySQL 5.0 or greater.

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