Smoke test for Gospel Library for BlackBerry

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Download and Install app on device.

  • App runs?

Table of Contents Screens check:

  • Previously loaded content displays?
  • Menu Appears on BB button push?

Check TOC menu:

  • Search takes you to search page
  • Bookmarks takes you to bookmarks page
  • Index returns to top of TOC

Download some content:

  • Progress bars show and behave properly for downloading and install?
  • Content shows up on Table of Contents screen?

View Some content:

  • Content appears and looks reasonable?
  • Menu appears on BB button push?

Check Keyboard Shortcuts from Content Reader Screen:

  • s and f trigger search?
  • Search works and takes you to appropriate location?
  • esc returns back to original point?
  • i and - shrink text?
  • o and + grow text?
  • b to bottom
  • t to top
  • space to next page
  • (shift)space to previous page
  • m to bookmarks page?

Check menu from Content Reader Screen:

  • search pops up search?
  • bookmarks pops up bookmarks?
  • index returns to main index?
  • Next Chapter works?
  • Prev Chapter works
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