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Our goal: We will make the Book of Mormon accessible to a greater percentage of the world than ever before.

Our desire is to have a Book of Mormon Reader app that will be customized to run on any phone, in every language we have translations for, publicly available for download, and available on every cell carrier in the world.


Button Translations

A message from President Ezra Taft Benson

Supported devices

List of devices

Device and carrier considerations

How to Install


Installation Instructions

How do I know if this is a feature phone?

Videos of how to install

Phones that run this app will accept .jar files and may also need a .jad file. The important thing is to copy these files to your device, then select via the phone's menu. This will install the app. The phone will likely query the desired location for the installed app (such as Games or Applications or Other)

  • Downloads the app to your laptop or desktop or internet capable phone
  • Copy the app to your feature phone through a bluetooth or using a USB cable
  • Find the files via the phone's menu and select them to install.
  • Run the apps to check if it properly installed
  • scroll through each chapter of the book mormon
  • start using app
  • Click here to let us know you installed the app

Project Information

Requested skills and experience

If you have any experience in making or releasing applications for feature phones (non-smart phones, may be a good description of these phones) then your help would be appreciated. Skills needed include:

Programming Skills:

  • Java (Java ME)
  • Symbian
  • Brew

Distribution Skills:

  • Knowledge of phone carriers
  • Knowledge of phone app download sites

Testing Skills:

  • A mobile feature phone upon which you can put your own apps.

If you have abilities in the above areas, and are willing to help, please sign up for this project, and send an e-mail to with a note on how you would like to help.

Feature Phone App Loading (Under Construction -- coming soon)

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