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This project has been inactivated while the Church determines what next steps to take with this application.

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The Book of Mormon application for Windows Phone is primarily for investigators of the Church. It provides an introductory reading experience and informational dashboard. Footnotes and advanced reading features are eliminated to simplify content display. Users can chat live with missionaries, just as is supported on

Project status

The project needs to have some minor bugs fixed, and be approved by the Church's IP/Correlation Department, before submitting it to the Microsoft application marketplace. The goal is to have all of this completed by the end of April 2011.

Windows Phone Projects

Windows Phone Projects

Key features


  • What is the Book of Mormon?
  • The Promise
  • Watch an Introductory Video
  • Chat Live with Missionaries


  • Navigate and read the Book of Mormon
  • Search
  • Add notes and highlights
  • Set a bookmark
  • Play audio
  • Set font size
  • Set brightness
  • See highlights of the Book of Mormon

Read about the LDS Faith:

  • Jesus Christ, Savior
  • Plan of Happiness
  • Gospel Restoration
  • God's Commandments
  • Christ's Church
  • Joseph Smith
  • Articles of Faith


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