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Button translations (Gospel Library for JavaME)

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Please edit this page and insert the appropriate language translations:

(the extra rows of English are in there for ease of lining up the other languages. Please leave them in place)

These are for button titles on the app:

  • Select: means to select the currently highlighted option. On some spanish apps, people call this "Ir a" or go to.
  • Back: return to the last screen
  • Info: Shows the information screen. This has legal information and help contact on it.
  • Exit: Close and exit the app

English Select Back Info Exit
Español Ir a Volver Info Salir
Português Ir para Voltar Informações Deixar
Français Aller à Retour Infos Laisser
Deutsch Wählen Zurück Informationen Ende
Italiano Selezione Ritorno Info Esci
Gagana Samoa
English Select Back Info Exit
Bahas Indonesia
한국어 선택 뒤로 정보 나가기
English Select Back Info Exit
Tiếng Việt tuyển trạch trở lại Thông tin ra
English Select Back Info Exit

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