Byte-Size Genealogy

Help us simplify family history!

Come build software that will help Church members meet their ancestors and find family names for the temple through quick and easy activities, opportunity hints and decision wizards. Byte-Size Genealogy is about bringing ideal family history opportunities to users based on their skill, interests, and recent actions on the Family Tree at

We need you!

We seek designers, UI and UE specialists, engineers, testers, project/product managers, business analysts, technical writers, and marketers. Everyone is welcome to participate not just in their role, but also in brainstorming and validating the things customers want to do, the problems they have, and the new products and features they need to make progress. If you have a skill you would like to share, please contact Mike Ritchey.

We are in the early days of developing this community project. All participants work on the project part-time. We are looking for leaders to help us build this into an energized community of active participants.

How engineers can begin...

Engineers interested in this project will need to learn about how to develop apps for FamilySearch. You can get started at You will need to:

  • Read the Getting Started instructions.
  • Register for a FamilySearch Developer Account.
  • Register Your App and Receive an App Key for Authentication.
  • Join the FamilySearch Developer Network for email communications, announcements, and discussions.

To date, our volunteer engineers We have been coding in JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySql. Our programs use the FamilySearch JavaScript SDK and the FamilySearch PHP SDK. These are high-level wrappers for the FamilySearch REST API. The readme files have great information there.

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