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CDOL Version: 2.4.1 Release Notes

Known Issues

The following known issues may affect some CDOL users:
Items in italics are new in this release.
Items with strike-through have been resolved.

General Users

  • CDOL-4336: Users viewing the Public Searches are able to edit them and save their changes to the Public Search they are viewing making it so others will see their search the next time it is run.
  • Share search link on search results throws error.
  • If a user had saved an Advanced Search that uses the "Active as of" date field, the user needs to edit the search and re-save it in order to resolve a problem that caused the search to query correctly only the first time it was run.
    • Note: the issue has been fixed, but any saved searches using date field will need to be edited and resaved to correct the problem.
  • The Materials Languages pick list in Advanced Search under Organization Language does not display all the language choices that are in the database for units with populated material language.
  • Characters with diacritics sort after other characters in search results.
  • CDOL-4039: The Advanced Search screen in IE7 does not display the political location information correctly
  • CDOL-4435: The functionality "show 50 results", "show 100 results" does not automatically refresh the page when selected.
  • In Internet Explorer, Advanced Search selections are not placed to the right of the box.
  • In Internet Explorer 7, trying to save or load a page often gets stuck.
  • CDOL-4664: In Internet Explorer 8, the calendar link doesn't open on Organization Edit|History|Add Note.
  • CDOL-4665: In Safari 4, expanding a position on the Organization summary page superimposes text rather than moving it down.
  • CDOL-4808: Internet Explorer 8 can appear to "hang" leaving the current page obscured.
  • CDOL-4614: Discontinued and private organizations don't get included in the export when the user has rights to see them.
Printed Directories
  • Printed directories do not show the full name of a leader.
  • CDOL-4795: A three-level Printed Directory is not displayed correctly.
  • CDOL-4794: "Use local names" in Printed Directories puts the organizations in the report twice; once with the local name and the other with the official name.
  • Sometimes the published version of a record is missing.
  • The order of the address types listed on the Organization and Leader Summary pages is not standardized.
  • CDOL-2720: Cannot copy e-mail list addresses to the clipboard.
  • CDOL-4662: Using "Clear Address" button does not reset the Country field on the Organization Edit|Address and Leader Edit|Address.
  • CDOL-4616: Some position type names don't fit well on the Organization Summary|Show All Positions page.

Administrative Users

Organization Edit
  • CDOL-4717:Error adding address that is copied from org if org missing state selection
  • CDOL-4662: Using “clear address” does not reset the “country” field
  • CDOL-4179: Out of country phone number has to be populated or you get an error.
  • CDOL-4808: In Internet Explorer 8, making and change and clicking Save results in rendering the application unresponsive.
  • CDOL-4805: The font size for the edit screens appears too small.
Letters and Certificates
  • CDOL letters have a problem processing through e-mail.
  • Certificates and Letters do not clear out off the "to be printed" list once they have been processed.
  • CDOL-4433: Proposal Mission template does not add new unit number in footer.
  • CDOL-4204: Cannot edit Proposal Note, always get kicked out to the HTML home page.
  • CDOL-4160: Implementations from Proposals do not update legacy names.
  • CDOL-4652: On the proposal dashboard, after you perform an action, the checkboxes show as unselected, but additional actions affect the originally selected proposals also.
    • The workaround for this is to click on the Proposals tab to reload the page.
  • CDOL-4691: Fix all template formatting issues
  • CDOL-4558: Large proposals time out when implementing events
  • CDOL-4792: IE-only - creating new agenda from dashboard gives a corrupted page
  • CDOL-4055: IE-only - edit box is only 5 lines long
  • CDOL-4361: Discrepancy between the release date appearing in Verification for a leader sent from MLS as opposed to the assignment record for the leader.
  • CDOL-4555: Discontinue a unit with a future effective date puts the unit in a partial published state and never updates the status or sends the unit to verification.
  • CDOL-3983: The number of items awaiting verification changes randomly.
  • Units that don’t have changes (such as the parent unit when changes are to a child unit) show up in Verification.
  • Users cannot publish discontinued missions.
  • CDOL-4285: Verification, override for patriarch position is automatic when the record is touched.
  • Cannot add scope to LOCATION role types when assigning these types of roles to users.
  • CDOL-4360: Some leaders are randomly set to sensitive status.
  • CDOL-4337: Units that are in a country that has the CDOL attribute Sensitive set to true for the country do not inherit the sensitivity.
  • CDOL-4780: Modifying countries sometimes results in a saving modal that never completes
  • CDOL-4224: Admin/positions - cancel does not work
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