CDOL Known Issues 2.4.2


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CDOL Version: 2.4.2 Release Notes

Known Issues Resolved in 2.4.2

  • [CDOL-4662] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT ORGANIZATION EDIT - Using "Clear Address" button does not reset the Country field
  • [CDOL-4179] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT ORGANIZATION EDIT - Out of country phone number has be be populated or user gets an error
  • [CDOL-4717] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - Error adding address that is copied from org if org missing state selection
  • [CDOL-4902] - OTHER - Ldsmail: ldsmail does not get updated when a new stake or district is created.
  • [CDOL-4880] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - saving printed directory without title gives DataIntegrityViolation
  • [CDOL-4794] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - printedDirectories: requesting local names gives both local and official names as separate entries
  • [CDOL-4337] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Units that are in a country which has the CDOL attribute Sensitive set to true for the country do not inherit the sensitivity
  • [CDOL-4166] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - IE7, IE8: Proposals/Proposal Notes: edit link on existing proposal note doesn't work
  • [CDOL-4160] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - LegacyNames: Implementations from Proposals do NOT update legacy names.
  • [CDOL-4614] - SEARCH - Export to File: not all orgs make it to the spreadsheet
  • [CDOL-4435] - SEARCH - Search: show 25/50/100 results on result page doesn't refresh page
  • [CDOL-4336] - SEARCH - Users viewing the Public Searches are able to edit them and save their changes to the pulic search they are viewing

Ongoing Known Issues

  • [CDOL-4800] - ADMIN - Admin/translations: null pointer exception trying to save a deletion of a translation
  • [CDOL-4784] - ADMIN - Changing an Entity name in admin changes the lookup not the language translation
  • [CDOL-4780] - ADMIN - Admin/Countries: saving changes - especially multiple changes -- never returns
  • [CDOL-4763] - ADMIN - IE7: Admin/Users: can't check the 'disabled' box for users
  • [CDOL-4633] - ADMIN - Admin/EntitiesOrgs: can't delete an org type
  • [CDOL-4589] - ADMIN - Admin->proposals->agenda types tab. changing the meeting orders doesn't save unless you do something else on the tab first
  • [CDOL-4469] - ADMIN - Admin/EntitiesOrgs/Ward&Branch/Assoc Types: can't add association - possible choices don't show up
  • [CDOL-4459] - ADMIN - Admin/Classification: Error trying to add new classification type
  • [CDOL-4266] - ADMIN - User Accounts not being created for new users.
  • [CDOL-4145] - ADMIN - Admin/Positions: cancelling name change doesn't revert name
  • [CDOL-4840] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - IE7 Errors when updating address
  • [CDOL-4788] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - IE7: leaderEdit/Addresses (Edit) military address string written over by preview box
  • [CDOL-4498] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - New assignment plus note crashes the system
  • [CDOL-4360] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - Leaders are randomly set to sensitive status
  • [CDOL-4105] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - Warning message appears in CDOL for all patriarchs.
  • [CDOL-4720] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT ORGANIZATION EDIT - Addresses sent from MLS that exceed the 4x40 format are not being identified in cdol
  • [CDOL-4825] - ASSIGNMENT SUMMARY - Unable to copy and paste address labels using Firefox Browser
  • [CDOL-4593] - ASSIGNMENT SUMMARY - Changes made by field user in FM does not show unpublished changes and also does not appear active on organization summary (but should be)
  • [CDOL-4918] - BUSINESS RULES - Possible parent search lookup is bringing up unauthorized selections
  • [CDOL-4737] - GENERAL (AFFECTS EVERYONE) - Safari4: occasionally get logged out
  • [CDOL-4373] - INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS - Sometimes the published version of a record is missing
  • [CDOL-4322] - LETTERS - Certificates and Letters do not clear out off the "to be printed" list once they have been processed
  • [CDOL-4022] - LETTERS - When running the CDOL notification letters, letters are being generated for individuals in pending positions
  • [CDOL-4556] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - New Stake Presidencies are being forwarded from MLS without Set Apart person
  • [CDOL-4420] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - Stake leaders being released when they are moved into a new ward within same stake boundaries
  • [CDOL-4333] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - MLS/ Units are being sent up with the leader twice. Once active and one released the same day as called
  • [CDOL-4315] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - MLS is store and forwarding a release reason but no release date
  • [CDOL-4245] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - MLS positions are being added to a district in CDOL when the district has a discontinued date that is not yet published
  • [CDOL-4971] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - If clicks "Show All Associations" in org edit, a red star appears and requires user to save before leaving the screen or cancelling the changes
  • [CDOL-4883] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - Creating an organization with a country that does not have a state/province field causes an error when trying to set time zone
  • [CDOL-4664] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - IE8: OrgEdit/History/Add Note: calendar link doesn't open
  • [CDOL-4123] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - IE7 only: OrgEdit/Associations: 'change parent' links for children aren't working
  • [CDOL-3100] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - IE only: non-modifiable fields not grayed out in IE
  • [CDOL-4892] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - Org Summary page - dialing within country phone number is not displayed for org phone number
  • [CDOL-4665] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - SAFARI4: orgSummary/show all positions: expanding a position superimposes text rather than moving it down
  • [CDOL-4616] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - Detail Only position contents don't fit properly in 1024x768 screen size.
  • [CDOL-4108] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - CDOL Local Time is off for units in Australia
  • [CDOL-4960] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - Printed directories: 2-columns with long names cause text overlap
  • [CDOL-4574] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - Very large directories timeout while formatting for printing
  • [CDOL-3627] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - PrintedDir: 3-level directory not displaying correctly
  • [CDOL-4970] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Adding data to stake proposal reformats the entire document
  • [CDOL-4885] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Trying to add a new proposal without providing a description used to fail with a helpful message. It currently generates a null pointer exception.
  • [CDOL-4792] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - IE-only - Creating new agenda from dashboard gives a corrupted page
  • [CDOL-4760] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposals: large proposal fails to implement
  • [CDOL-4731] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Agenda/Proposal: 'add new proposal' isn't pulling list of proposals to choose from
  • [CDOL-4691] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Fix all template formatting issues
  • [CDOL-4652] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposals/Agenda: proposals are still selected even though the box is not checked
  • [CDOL-4650] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Admin/Proposals: Meeting order on agenda types is not being preserved
  • [CDOL-4567] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - IE7 can't edit or delete existing proposal notes
  • [CDOL-4557] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Print stats in proposals data entry screen does not print special chars correctly
  • [CDOL-4433] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposal Mission Template not put new unit number in footer
  • [CDOL-4338] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposals/data entry figures are changing
  • [CDOL-4141] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Make each proposal event unique even though they are involved with only one unit
  • [CDOL-4055] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - IE-only - Proposal document edit box is only 5 lines high
  • [CDOL-3960] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Proposal headings disappearing
  • [CDOL-3841] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Can't delete a proposal once the document has been created
  • [CDOL-3358] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Event display in IE has width problem in the display.
  • [CDOL-3231] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - When attempting to move propsals from one bucket to another, the drop down list hangs on loading
  • [CDOL-4687] - SEARCH - Europe Area MSR Manager is unable to obtain required exported data
  • [CDOL-4039] - SEARCH - IE7: Advanced search screen/political location doesn't display correctly.
  • [CDOL-3142] - SEARCH - Characters with diacritics sort after characters without in search results
  • [CDOL-4728] - VERIFICATION - Verification: very slow response for non ROLE_ADMIN users
  • [CDOL-4649] - VERIFICATION - Verifications: missing age and date of change on some units
  • [CDOL-4555] - VERIFICATION - Discontinue a unit with a future effective date puts the unit in a partial published state and never updates the status or sends the unit to verification
  • [CDOL-4456] - VERIFICATION - Manually adding the primary language back to a unit after deleting it causes 2 primary languages
  • [CDOL-4442] - VERIFICATION - Backlog metrics on My verifications tab not always the same as on inbox tab
  • [CDOL-4361] - VERIFICATION - Discrepancy between the release date appearing in Verification for a leader sent from MLS as opposed to the assignment record for the leader.
  • [CDOL-4351] - VERIFICATION - Changes to units not showing up in verification - Lost in lala land
  • [CDOL-4309] - VERIFICATION - Discontinuing an association doesn't show on both ends of the org relationship
  • [CDOL-4285] - VERIFICATION - Verification, overide on patriarch position is automatic when the record is touched
  • [CDOL-4271] - VERIFICATION - Changes in unit not showing up in verification on the day they were made
  • [CDOL-4133] - VERIFICATION - Units with previously ordained bishops missing ordained by whom won't publish and don't display an error indicating what is missing
  • [CDOL-3983] - VERIFICATION - Number of items awaiting verification changes randomly
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