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CDOL Release Notes 2.3.2

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Applicable Version

CDOL Version: 2.3.2. Known Issues
Current Version Release Notes

New Features and Changes

Organization Summary Page Style

Organization summary pages were modified to use expand/collapse sections in order to improve application performance by reducing the amount of data initially loaded.

Member Localized Name Functionality

CDOL now adds the localized names of a member if the names exist in the Church Membership Information System (CMIS). Additional improvements to name usage will be made in a future CDOL release.

LUCR Unit Change Information Support

With the preceding CDOL release, stake and district leaders were able to submit changes to local unit leaders electronically using the Local Unit Change Request (LUCR) functionality. This process replaced the previous paper-only Information Change Request process. With this release CDOL now supports the "Unit Information Change" portion of the process. This portion allows leaders to make changes to the property address, spoken and material languages, currency, and building telephone numbers. Additional changes will be made to MLS to add the corresponding functionality into the LUCR process.

Metadata Synchronization Support

With this release CDOL now supports the exchange of position and organization metadata information with MLS. This means that if a new position is added in CDOL for local units the information about the position can be synchronized with MLS. Additional changes will be made to MLS to add the corresponding functionality.

Meeting Times Process Change

Previously, the meeting time files sent from MLS units were a separate file from the MLS position data file. With this release, the meeting time information is included in the MLS position data. This simplifies the process and makes it easier to troubleshoot problems. MLS is adding corresponding functionality to be included in a before-year-end release.

Omniture Web Analytics Support

CDOL Web analytics are now tracked via Omniture.

Language Support

  • With this release the following languages will be added:
    • Russian
    • Serbian (Cyrillic)
    • Estonian
    • Lithuanian
    • Romanian
    • Slovenian
    • Mongolian
    • Slovak

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release:

  • Search created by a user and then exported to file now includes phone numbers listed in CDOL.
  • Search results export to file no longer gives wrong data for non-active organizations.
  • Users can now remove duplicate email addresses from search result email list.
  • Saved searches no longer disappear.
  • Fixed problem that caused Advanced Searches using the "Active as of" date field to only query correctly the first time. However, old searches using this criteria need to be edited and re-saved in order to fix the problem.
  • Resolved some issues preventing parts of CDOL from displaying/working correctly in Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3.5.
  • In Internet Explorer 7, clicking on a Saved Search now returns the search results.
  • Drop-down boxes in the Firefox Web browser now expand to show all items.
CDOL <-> MLS Processing
  • MLS position refreshes initiated from CDOL now function correctly.
  • Export file no longer contains standard positions submitted from MLS units unless user has rights to view those positions.
  • Localized address fields now meet CDOL business rules for completeness by requiring both the country and street 1 addresses to be populated.
  • Misleading error message no longer appears when user deletes an assignment.
  • Once historical note PDF attachments are published users can now download the PDF.
  • CDOL now shows grouped organizations on the local unit Positions Detail Summary page.
  • CDOL works correctly after the CMIS 4.8 upgrade (Support for non-latin names).
  • Fixed the map viewer role so assigned users and positions can see the local unit map link.
Administrative Users
  • Administrators can now change the display order for new position types before they are saved.
  • Events in Proposals|Organizations tab that have text fields now show cursor.
  • When implementing a proposal with many events the "loading" notification modal now scrolls with the page.
  • Database error no longer occurs when a unit is included in a proposal that already has an organization note existing for it.
  • Resolved issue where fixing addresses from Verification did not send the user back to Verification but caused the application to freeze.

Unresolved Issues

See CDOL Known Issues 2.3.2