CDOL Release Notes 2.4.2


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Release Date: 1 July 2010
CDOL Version: CDOL 2.4.2 Known Issues
Internet Address:

Objectives of this Release

  1. Analyze and resolve performance problems, including:
    1. CDOL exception log known issues
    2. CDOL memory leak
    3. CDOL system out log problems
    4. MLS processing errors
  2. Support WAM integration (e.g., SuperUser customer service application support)
  3. Improve functionality
  4. Continue providing new or enhanced NextGen Web services as needed and authorized
  5. Address outstanding prioritized JIRA defects

New Features

  • [CDOL-4700] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT ORGANIZATION EDIT - Modify Military Address format check box functionality
  • [CDOL-4941] - GENERAL (AFFECTS EVERYONE) - Standard CDOL model doesn't support 800x600
  • [CDOL-4932] - HOME PAGE / REPORTS - Add Parent Name to export from Church Organization Totals - by Temple District
  • [CDOL-4861] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - Make printed directory regeneration time dynamic
  • [CDOL-4787] - SERVICES--POSITION MANAGEMENT - Add support for MLS custom callings to position management service
  • [CDOL-4786] - SERVICES--POSITION MANAGEMENT - Add support for MLS fields and callings to position management service

Resolved Issues

  • [CDOL-4897] - ADMIN - Admin user cannot access Shared Searches admin tab
  • [CDOL-4284] - ADMIN - show 50 - 100 results dropdown on admin languages page appears to do nothing
  • [CDOL-4179] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT ORGANIZATION EDIT - Out of country phone number has be be populated or you get an error
  • [CDOL-4662] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT ORGANIZATION EDIT - Using "Clear Address" button does not reset the Country field
  • [CDOL-4908] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - Bishop ordination date, if already exists, is overwritten by MLS when sending bishop information
  • [CDOL-4163] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - LeaderEdit/Address: after 'copy from', need to delete any 4x40 label data
  • [CDOL-4527] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - leaderEdit: lose name formatting, position name and org name when changing order of names
  • [CDOL-4669] - DATA ISSUES ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - After receiving error leaders do not appear on summary--only edit.
  • [CDOL-4930] - DATA ISSUES - Move CmisPerson into new cache
  • [CDOL-4881] - GENERAL (AFFECTS EVERYONE) - Can't login a second time
  • [CDOL-4914] - INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS - Prod error logs
  • [CDOL-4882] - INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS - Common exceptions from prod 4109 log 5-9-2010
  • [CDOL-4951] - INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS - Node 4109 error (not sure if it's reproducible) - Spanish user preferences broken?
  • [CDOL-4935] - INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS - Prod Exceptions for from 1st week of June
  • [CDOL-4717] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - Error adding address that is copied from org if org missing state selection
  • [CDOL-4900] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - ldsmail: if both leader and unit number change at the same time, only the unit number change makes it to ldsmail
  • [CDOL-4447] - ORGANIZATION EDIT - Releasing a stake president doesn't fully release the counselors
  • [CDOL-4340] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - Creation note not appearing on the summary screen
  • [CDOL-4920] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - In IE browsers, printing an organization summary page does not print part of the information on the summary pages when they are multiple pages
  • [CDOL-4901] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - Internet Explorer has problems printing summary pages when all sections are expanded and the length is more than 1 page
  • [CDOL-4929] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - orgSummary/display tier2 and tier3 assignments: Null pointer assignment (unit 614246)
  • [CDOL-4954] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - orgSummary: display tier2/tier3 details filter exception
  • [CDOL-4865] - OTHER - After CDOL session times out, user is forced to enter username and password twice, even when information is correct
  • [CDOL-4803] - OTHER - Clean up prod log errors
  • [CDOL-4902] - OTHER - ldsmail: ldsmail does not get updated when a new stake or district is created.
  • [CDOL-4794] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - printedDirectories: requesting local names gives both local and official names as separate entries
  • [CDOL-4880] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - saving printed directory without title gives DataIntegrityViolation
  • [CDOL-4166] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - IE7 only: Proposals/Proposal Notes: edit link on existing proposal note doesn't work
  • [CDOL-4160] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - LegacyNames: Implementations from Proposals do NOT update legacy names.
  • [CDOL-4337] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Units that are in a country which has the CDOL attribute Sensitive set to true for the country do not inherit the sensitivity
  • [CDOL-4917] - SEARCH - AdvSearch: missing property 'entityTypesAsSelectItems' on SearchBean
  • [CDOL-4614] - SEARCH - Export to File: not all orgs make it to the spreadsheet
  • [CDOL-4937] - SEARCH - No search results
  • [CDOL-4435] - SEARCH - Search: show 25/50/100 results on result page doesn't refresh page
  • [CDOL-3909] - SEARCH - The Export file does not include phone country codes for international units
  • [CDOL-4336] - SEARCH - Users viewing the Public Searches are able to edit them and save their changes to the pulic search they are viewing
  • [CDOL-4569] - SERVICES--POSITION MANAGEMENT - createPosition() service is finding 2 cmisService beans and can't create a position.
  • [CDOL-4415] - SERVICES--POSITION MANAGEMENT - Services: createPosition(): Can't set the active date on a new position.
  • [CDOL-4934] - SERVICES--SEARCH - Services: OrgSearch: including field ORG_OR_ASSIGN_ADDRESS_MAILING returns dups
  • [CDOL-4834] - VERIFICATION - Data Verification Error trying to reach second level

Language Support

No additional language support was added with this release.

The non-English languages whose language strings are reasonably up-to-date with this release are:

  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • German
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Finnish
  • Czech

All other languages have missing translations. Indonesian is completely broken in CDOL 2.4.2.

Prior Releases

See CDOL Prior Releases

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