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Release Date: 22 September 2010 at 16:00 (no down time for users)
CDOL Version: CDOL Known Issues
Internet Address:

Objectives of this Release

  1. Improve CDOL/MLS position/organization synchronization capabilities
    1. Resolve outstanding MLS/CDOL position type and organization type synchronization issues
    2. Clean up bad data caused by MLS/CDOL position exchange programming bugs

New Features

  • [CDOL-5058] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - Check for country code in phone number field and remove if exists
  • [CDOL-5057] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - Do not allow duplicate email address in private email address field
  • [CDOL-5038] - GENERAL (AFFECTS EVERYONE) - Update copyright notice
  • [CDOL-4921] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - Refactor 005 Position Type, 013 Org Type, and 017 Translation MLS messages, plus 019 Blank Assignments

Resolved Issues

  • [CDOL-4996] - ADMIN ASSIGNMENT EDIT ORGANIZATION EDIT - Inactive provinces showing up in address edit drop down
  • [CDOL-4950] - ADMIN - Admin/Security/roles: show 25/50/100 results always shows 100
  • [CDOL-5036] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - Restore "Copy from Current Leader" functionality on Assignment Edit
  • [CDOL-5078] - ASSIGNMENT EDIT - Can't add an address for an assignment for a new org
  • [CDOL-5047] - ASSIGNMENT SUMMARY - leaderSummary: active and historical sections are not showing up anymore
  • [CDOL-5022] - ORGANIZATION SUMMARY - Active positions aren't showing up on the orgSummary page
  • [CDOL-5000] - PRINTED DIRECTORIES - printed directories: NullPointerException when clicking on any tab in wizard
  • [CDOL-5046] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Clicking on the edit proposal tab gives SQLException
  • [CDOL-5021] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - NullPointerException adding a type change to a unit
  • [CDOL-5020] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - PropertyNotFound exception when adding name change event on a proposal
  • [CDOL-4984] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Clicking the proposal link on home page gives IllegalArgumentException
  • [CDOL-4731] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Agenda/Proposal: 'add new proposal' isn't pulling list of proposals to choose from
  • [CDOL-5045] - SEARCH - search for proposal from quicksearch doesn't return anything
  • [CDOL-5030] - SEARCH - Both organization and leader searches have problems with exporting files
  • [CDOL-5067] - SERVICES--POSITION MANAGEMENT - The assignment status is sometimes not changed to HISTORICAL when updating with a release date

Language Support

No additional language support was added with this release.

The non-English languages whose language strings are reasonably up-to-date with this release are:

  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

All other languages have missing translations.

Prior Releases

See CDOL Prior Releases

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