CDOL Release Notes 2.5.2


Applicable Version

Release Date: 11 April 2011 at 10:00 a.m. MDT (no downtime for customers)
CDOL Version: CDOL 2.5.2
Internet Address:

Objectives of this Release

Note: CDOL 2.5.2 is a patch release designed to fix high-priority issues introduced with the previous release. It does not constitute a planned release from the CDOL roadmap.

New Features

  • [CDOL-5331] - BUSINESS RULES - Modify the auto-release functionality to check dates
  • [CDOL-5317] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Add database triggers to notify GIS Support Group when proposal moves to GIS location
  • [CDOL-5311] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Improve performance for large proposals
  • [CDOL-5310] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Improve Proposal Editing by adding additional "reload tokens" links and buttons
  • [CDOL-4974] - VERIFICATION - Remove "Publish and Show ICR" button in the verification screen
  • [CDOL-5321] - BUSINESS RULES, PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Make events pending often doesn't work for large proposals
  • [CDOL-5320] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Large proposals take too long to add or manage events and cause user problems

Resolved Issues

  • [CDOL-5338] - GENERAL (AFFECTS EVERYONE) - Shortcut 'Ctrl+E' to edit an org/assign no longer works
  • [CDOL-5345] - GENERAL (AFFECTS EVERYONE) - On CDOL login page make cursor start in the username field
  • [CDOL-5322] - MLS FILE PROCESSING - Handle positions coming from MLS in different time zones
  • [CDOL-5297] - ORGANIZATION EDIT, POSITION EDIT - Date pickers don't work in Japanese language
  • [CDOL-5327] - ORGANIZATION EDIT, POSITION EDIT - Red star saving record inconsistencies
  • [CDOL-5335] - OTHER - Browser compatiblity error trying to print multiple LUCRS
  • [CDOL-5298] - SEARCH - Advanced Search field does not display correctly in Japanese language
  • [CDOL-5283] - PROPOSALS / AGENDAS - Sorting proposals and agendas by "Sponsor Organizations" causes an error

Language Support

No additional language support was added with this release.

Prior Releases

See CDOL Prior Releases

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