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Where can I find information on the official address format of MLS? It seems that the trend has been:

1234-56 Street Name City, State Zip Code

While this is predominent in our records, I find the hypon for the unit number to be confusing especially for mailings. I also have not found a source that says, "This is how it should be recorded." Anyone know an official source? Of is it unit preference? -- 15:04, 1 August 2009 Matthewbneal

Welcome to the wiki. We're glad to have any contributions, but I would make a couple of comments about how you posted this:
  • There were better places to post this than the discussion page for the Membership category. The question really has nothing to do with the Membership category itself, but rather would relate to Membership records or Mailing labels.
  • When you post a question, you should always sign your name by putting four tildes at the end, perhaps like I do it with "-- ~~~~".
  • The companion forum at is generally a better place to post questions -- it gets more traffic and is better suited for questions and answers.
But as for your original question, I think you'll find it answered under Record Management Tips#Addresses. Basically, it's best to use standard postal address formatting. The MLS documentation doesn't really address this topic, but that seems to be the consensus of clerks, especially those who use MLS to produce mailings. -- Aebrown 21:02, 2 August 2009 (UTC)
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