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If a member writes a donation check that has an error, the financial clerk may need to make an adjustment to the donation batch.


If the check amount in the box next to the payee line is different from the handwritten number, the bank will trust the handwritten check amount. For example, the amount in the box might have been $1,050, but the handwritten amount was "One Thousand Dollars." So the bank would take the "One Thousand Dollars" as correct, and the member's donation would be short $50. So if you entered the number from the small box instead of the handwritten amount, the bank will mark the deposit total as incorrect ($50 short). CHQ will then charge your account for the difference, which will appear in the Expense Summary section of the Unit Financial Statement.


To correct the error, the financial clerk should do the following:

  1. Inform the member of the error. If the hand written line total was smaller than the number in the small box, the member may want to write a new check to make up the difference. Such a check should be accompanied by a donation slip and deposited with your normal weekly donation batch.
  2. In MLS, go to Finance > View/Update Donations and edit the original donation batch (the one that had the incorrect check amount).
    • Adjust the original donation to match the amount that the bank accepted (in our example, adjust it down to $1,000).
    • If the donation involved multiple categories, you will need to ask the donor how they would like the categories adjusted.
    • Save this adjustment and then print a new batch report and file it with your records.
  3. MLS will send a notification of the change to CHQ, so it is not necessary to inform Local Unit Support of the adjustment you made in the original batch.
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