Church Websites

The Church has established many Websites for reference, administration, collaboration, and missionary work. The list below is intended to be useful to a wide audience. Please avoid adding sites that are role-specific and contain sensitive information. These sites have various means of authentication, as noted below.


The various authentication methods are detailed in Login Credentials. In the Authentication column of the tables below, these will be listed as:

  • LDS Account
  • NetID
  • other: uses some login other than LDS Account or NetID
  • open: no login is required

General sites

Authentication URL Description
open Official Church site
LDS Account LDS International Art Competition
open Resources to assist those with disabilities
open Interpreter resources
open Focus on Jesus Christ
open LDS Maps
open Public Affairs site containing press releases and resources for journalists
open The Mormon Channel is the official Church radio station and broadcasts 24/7.
LDS Account
Youth-oriented site, including the A Brand New Year program
New site on combating pornography (formerly simply redirected to
LDS Account Online ordering of Church materials. Anyone may shop without logging in, but using the LDS Account will give additional features for everyone, and access to more items for those with leadership callings.
open Authorized News Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
LDS Account LDS Employment resources
open LDS Philanthropies is a department of the Office of the Presiding Bishopric responsible for philanthropic donations to the Church
LDS Account Missionary site (LDS Account required to create or edit profile)
open The official site of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
open The official site of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's weekly broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word
open Preserving marriage (currently focused on California Proposition 8)
Provident Living, welfare topics
open Century of Honor site commemorating 100 years of Scouting in the Church
open LDS Audiovisual Department casting site (redirects to

Scriptures and Church magazines

Authentication URL Description
open Online standard works and study aids
open Scriptures cross-referenced to talks by general authorities in General Conference and Journal of Discourses
open Information on new Spanish LDS edition of the Holy Bible.
open Ensign magazine
open Liahona magazine
open New Era magazine
open Friend magazine. Very child-friendly site.
open Church magazines material submission form.

Presidents of the Church

Authentication URL Description
open Life and teachings of President Hinckley
open Life and teachings of President Monson
open Mission and life of the Prophet Joseph Smith
open Collection of documents created by Joseph Smith or by staff whose work he directed

Service in the Church

Authentication URL Description
LDS Account On-line service opportunities - Crowd-sourcing projects
open Part-time mission service and volunteer opportunities
open Full-time mission service opportunities
open Official resources for Public Affairs Councils and Priesthood Advisers
LDS Account Training resources for the Welfare Department operations leaders and volunteers.

Social networks

The Church has created official channels on social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to present links and video messages, targeted to those who are not members of the Church. Note that these are channels on main sites which are certainly not official sites of the Church, and that other channels viewed on these sites may link to non-Church content, including content that may be quite contrary to Church teachings.

Authentication URL Description
open YouTube channel for LDSTech
open YouTube channel for the Mormon Channel
open YouTube channel for
open YouTube channel for LDS Public Affairs
open YouTube channel for Youth
open YouTube channel featuring videos from the New Era, including Mormonads.
open Twitter stream for LDSTech
open Twitter stream for FamilySearch
open Twitter stream for the Mormon Channel
open Twitter stream for
open Twitter stream for Mormon Messages
open Twitter stream for Church News/Announcements
open Facebook Page for the Church
open Facebook page for LDSTech
open Facebook Page for the Public Affairs Newsroom
open Facebook Page for the Ensign
open Facebook Page for the Liahona
open Facebook Page for the New Era
open Facebook Page for the Friend
open Facebook Page for the Mormon Channel
open Facebook Page for Mormon Messages
open Facebook Page for LDS Institute of Religion
open Facebook Page for LDS Mobile announcements
open Facebook Page for the Joseph Smith Papers
open Google+ Page for
open Google+ Page for the LDS Newsroom
open Google+ Community for FamilySearch

Clerk sites

Authentication URL Description
other Download site for MLS and related applications
open Church technology site
LDS Account
Clerk Resources application
LDS Account Church technology and clerk forums
LDS Account Church technology and clerk wiki
LDS Account Section of Church technology and clerk wiki devoted to Meetinghouse technologies
LDS Account New projects under development. Special permission required.

Family History sites

Authentication URL Description
other Family History site. Site can be used without logging in, but login is required for accessing LDS ordinance information.
LDS Account New Family History site. Accessible only for Church members. Now available in all Church temple districts outside Asia.
FamilySearch Labs showcases new family history technologies.
other Community indexing of historical genealogical records.
LDS Account Wiki oriented to family history research
LDS Account Forums oriented to family history research, indexing, wiki, and new FamilySearch
open Support for developers of third-party products that integrate with FamilySearch.
FamilySearch online microfilm ordering.
other The new Community Trees feature at FamilySearch.
open Official Website of the Genealogical Society of Utah, the custodians of FamilySearch data.
other Internet learning system for FamilySearch users and missionaries and employees of the Church in various departments.

Education sites

Authentication URL Description
open Church Educational System
open Seminary site
open Institute site
open Preparing youth for college
open Education area on
open/other Brigham Young University. A Route Y ID is required to access certain areas of the site.
The Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship. The institute includes the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS), the Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts (CPART), Middle Eastern Texts Initiative (METI) and BYU Studies.
open/other Encyclopedia of Mormonism
BYU Broadcasting, including program schedules and many archive videos.
open Streaming video from BYU TV. Uses Move Networks player.
open/other BYU-Idaho. BYU-Idaho Net ID is required to access certain areas of the site.
open/other BYU-Hawaii. A CES Net ID is required to access certain areas of the site.
open/other LDS Business College. Specific login credentials are required to access certain areas of the site.
LDS Account Perpetual Education Fund.
other S&I students reports and management.

Administrative sites

The following sites are for administrative purposes and have restricted access given only to people with certain callings. Access is listed only for the stake and ward/branch level.

Authentication URL Description
LDS Account Temple Recommend Activation. Available to stake presidency and stake clerk and possibly stake executive secretary.
LDS Account Mission Office System is an online system to manage mission affairs.
LDS Account Missionary Recommendation System. Available to stake presidents and bishops and branch presidents and those they authorize.
LDS Account Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders. Available only to authorized priesthood leaders.
LDS Account Official e-mail system for Church units and other entities. Available to stake presidents, FHC directors, CES employees, area seventies and some Church departments employees (replaced
LDS Account Official e-mail system for Church's called to serve missionaries (replaced
NetID MTC Referral Manager
other An online meeting system in testing.
LDS Account Another online meeting system in testing. (To create an account, go to
LDS Account Temple Square events check registration feature.
LDS Account A system to transfer large files in the Church servers without using e-mail.

Sites that redirect to other sites

The sites below are not separate sites per se, but are registered domains or subdomains that redirect to, or

Authentication URL Redirect Description
open Request your free 3 Simple Ways to Become A Happier Family booklet
open Gospel Library items in American Sign Language format
open,18615,5249-1,00.html Church Publications in Compressed Audio Format
open,17884,6074-1,00.html Record-Keeping and Auditing Training
open Gospel Library items in Braille format
open Calendar of Church-sponsored events
open CES firesides for young adults
open Church History
open New Church History Library
open Church History Museum
open General Conference games and activities for children
open Country Websites (sites like for other countries)
open Help the Church with its worldwide media needs
open New Duty to God program
open Home and Family area of
open Request your free Family Answers DVD
open The Family: A Proclamation to the World
open LDS Family Services
open,16785,4210-1,00.html Family Home Evening area of
open Redirects to "Faith in Jesus Christ" page (video no longer available)
open Request your free copy of The Book of Mormon
open Request your free copy of the King James version of the Bible
open Subscription information and archives for LDS Gems
open General Conference Archives
open Gospel Art book
open Gospel Library Home
open Hastening the Work of Salvation
open Humanitarian Services
open Image Library within the Gospel Library
open Legal entity of the LDS Church
open LDS Family Services adoption resources
open LDS Employment resources
open Employment by the Church
open Request your free copy of The Lamb of God DVD
LDS Account Site for registering for or updating LDS Account credentials
open Printing Division pages
open Gospel Topics A to Z
open Living Christ testimony of the Apostles
open Resources for priesthood leaders as they counsel with members
open Mormon Channel radio
open Church music site on
open Request your free copy of Joy to the World DVD
open Church pageants: descriptions, locations, dates
open New YW Personal Progress site
open Visitors centers, Church history sites, and other interesting places to visit
open Preach my Gospel page within Gospel Library
open Development arm of the Church
open Relief Society
open RSS / Podcast / Email Subscription Index
open Temples of the Church
open Redirects to "Forever Families" page (video no longer available)
open Large collection of videos, including various broadcasts
open Young Women
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