Suporte para Computadores

Template:Meetinghouse mediaO Especialista de Tecnologia da Estaca é responsável pelo suporte de todos os Computadores da estaca (ambos os computadores administrativos e quaisquer computadores localizados em Centros de História da Família).

This mandate includes[1]:

  • Providing support for the initial setup of computer workstations, printers, and Internet connections (where authorized), as well as maintenance of computer hardware, operating systems, and software.
  • Supporting all users of Church technology in your stake, including the stake presidency, bishoprics, auxiliary leaders, family history consultants, seminary and institute instructors, and others who use such technology in Church meetinghouses.

Useful equipment

Stake technology specialists may find the following items to be very useful when working on the systems.

  • USB thumb drive (keychain size)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Crossover-to-straight adapter
  • USB to serial adapter (needed if a Church-managed firewall needs to be reprogrammed using the supplied ribbon cable which connects to a 9-pin serial port, which is increasingly difficult to find on current computers)

See also


  1. Stake Technology Specialist Roles and Responsibilities
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