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Ward clerks are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information provided to ward, stake, and Church leaders.

Guiding principles

Ward clerks and their assistants are responsible for the records of Church units. They are responsible for understanding the "system" employed by the Church in creating, editing, and storing those records. The "system" should not be thought of merely as the unit's computer or MLS. The "system" encompasses everything needed to get a real event, such as a baptism or a family moving to a different city, into and properly maintained in the unit's records. It also includes reporting those real events to priesthood and auxiliary leaders.

This means ward clerks and their assistants need to make sure that:

  • They are aware of real events that affect the unit's records
  • Those real events are written down according to the Church's guidelines (e.g. Aaronic Priesthood Ordination Form)
  • The written documentation is used to update the unit's records in MLS in a timely fashion
  • The records within MLS are maintained in accordance with Church record-keeping policies and procedures (i.e. only authorized changes are made)
  • Reporting of changes to the records, including statical reports, is accurate

Essentially, it is the ward clerk's duty to ensure that the event information does not change from when it actually occurred to when it is recorded to when it is reported to leadership.

Recommended practices

To maintain the integrity of records:

  • Review MLS data regularly for accuracy. Where necessary, set goals for improvement.
  • Review all reports from assistant clerks and secretaries to ensure they are accurate, complete, and on time.
  • Conduct or participate in membership audits and financial audits.


Each ward clerk should thoroughly review Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops for items that affect the records of the unit. These instructions were divinely inspired and will help the ward clerk understand the "system" described above. Without the instructions, anyone can get lost.

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