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Tivoli Endpoint Manager

Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) is the official software used to centrally manage and secure the global fleet of Church-owned computers. LANDesk was previously used for this purpose but was replaced by TEM in early 2012. Functionality includes the ability to report on basic inventory information, install Windows updates, distribute software, and facilitate remote control for the Global Service Center (GSC). These features also eliminate the need for technology specialists to manually install updates.

Over 18,000 clerk computers already have TEM installed, but there are still quite a few that need it. Please verify that TEM is installed and running on all Church-owned computers in your stake or district by opening Services (Start > Run > Services) and looking for the BES Client service (see Figure 1). If the service is there and running, your machine is in good shape! If it is not there, or if it's not running, please install it as soon as possible by following the steps below.

Figure 1

TEM Install Instructions

  1. Log into (contact the Global Service Center if you do not know your unit’s login information).
  2. Click Computer Management Software.
  3. Click download Computer Management Software (TEM) (8.70MB).
  4. Save the file to an easily accessible folder.
  5. Once downloaded, locate and double-click the file (TEM_MLS.exe) to start the installation.
  6. Since this is a silent installer, you will not see anything happen on the screen. To verify the installation was successful, look for the BES Client service as outlined earlier.

Note: TEM is meant to work in the background, so nothing needs to be done after installation. If you have a unit that uses a dial-up connection to transmit MLS data, we recommend that you download the install file from another computer, copy it to a USB flash drive, and then run it on each computer. As soon as a broadband connection is available to the computer, TEM will immediately check in and start working.

Once TEM is installed, it will immediately begin installing necessary security updates, uninstall the LANDesk components, and run other tasks as needed. If possible, please make sure your computers are turned on for four to five hours each week to receive relevant tasks and updates for, but not limited to, Microsoft, Sophos, Adobe, and MLS.

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