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Donations and computer failure

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The instructions below assume that the computer is still intact and can be repaired. If the computer has been stolen or otherwise damaged so that it cannot be restored, see Computer stolen or damaged.
If the computer or other electronic equipment used to run MLS fails and cannot be restored within four weeks, and no temporary computer is available, do the following:

  • If replacement equipment or repairs are necessary, contact the stake technology specialist. He will work with the administrative office to get the computer operational as quickly as possible.
  • Until the computer is operational again, account for tithing and other offerings using an adding machine tape. Do the following:
    • With a member of the bishopric or stake presidency, open each donation envelope and make sure that on the Tithing and Other Offerings slip the category amounts added together equal the total amount and that the actual money is the same amount as the total reported on the slip.
    • Put all the money in one stack and all the Tithing and Other Offerings slips in another stack.
    • Use the adding machine to balance the amounts on the slips. You should have the following totals:
      • Tithing and Other Offerings slips total*
      • Tithing amount total
      • Fast offering amount total
      • Ward missionary amount total
      • General missionary amount total
      • Book of Mormon amount total
      • Humanitarian aid amount total
      • Temple construction amount total
      • Perpetual education amount total
      • Other (specify) amount total
      • All category totals added together*
      • *The totals from the two bolded items should be the same.
  • Count the money and complete a deposit slip. The total amount of the money should be the same as the two bolded items above.
  • Deposit the money in the bank the same day you prepare the deposit slip. Use a night depository when depositing on Sunday.
  • File the adding machine tape, a copy of the deposit slip, and the Tithing and Other offerings slips together in a weekly file.
  • Telephone the administrative office for instructions on writing and recording checks.

  • When the computer is working again, do the following:
    • Restore the data to the computer from a removable storage medium such as a flash drive. To do this, under the File drop-down menu, click Restore from a File.
    • For batches missing from the restored data, type each week’s Tithing and Other Offerings slips amounts in the computer as a separate batch. There should be a separate batch for each individual deposit made while the computer was inoperative.
    • Put the ward copy of the Deposit Report and the Tithing and Offerings Batch Report in the same file with the adding machine tape that was used to keep track of the deposit while the computer was inoperative.