Donations by bill payment service

Donations may be made to a ward or branch through a Bill Payment Service. Such services are generally provided by a financial institution, and allow donors to initiate payments online without writing a check or paying postage. Often some additional documentation is required to specify the donation categories.

Local donations

Although wards are not set up to process electronic donations, donors can use a Bill Payment Service to send donations to a ward (or branch). Such donations result in a paper check being mailed to the bishop (or branch president). Some bill payment services allow the donor to use a memo line to specify the donation categories (e.g., "$100 Tithing, $20 Fast Offering"). In such a case, the financial clerk would fill out a donation slip on behalf of the donor as donations are being counted.

To reduce the burden on clerks of filling out a donation slip, some wards request that their members fill out donation slips and submit them in advance. This also helps if the bill payment service does not allow a memo line; in this situation the clerks have no way of knowing the proper categories unless the donor submits some kind of donation slip.

Some members choose to use their bill payment service to send a payment to their home address, but made out to the ward. Then the member fills out a donation slip and submits the check just as he or she would with a normal check. In this way, the member puts no extra burden on the clerks or bishop, but still benefits from the automatic payment feature of the bill payment service and doesn't have to write out a check by hand.

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