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Donor Statements provide members with a summary of their donations. Statements can be printed from MLS on the Finance page.

Statement types

There are three types of donor statements:

  • Tithing and Other Offerings Donation Statement: This statement can be printed from the Donor Statements screen by selecting Year-to-Date Donation Summaries (also available from the Tithing Settlement screen). This statement lists each donation made by the donor, organized by date and detailed by category.
  • Official Tax Statements: This statement can be printed from the Donor Statements screen by selecting Official Tax Statements (United States) (also available from the Tithing Settlement screen). Units in Canada should select the Canadian versions of theses statements. There are also variations of the form designed to be printed on letterhead. The bishop or branch president must sign each statement with an original signature.
  • Tithing Settlement Statement: This statement can be printed from the Tithing Settlement screen by selecting Print Individual Statements or Print Household Statements. The Tithing Settlement Statement contains the same information that is included on the Tithing and Other Offerings Donation Statement, but also a section where donations made at tithing settlement can be written, and check boxes to record the declared tithing status.

Frequency of printing

  • Wards and branches are required to deliver a Tithing and Other Offerings Statement to each donor at least one week prior to Tithing Settlement; members are requested to verify the accuracy of these statements before they attend tithing settlement.
    • Members may also request a statement at any time during the year.
    • For members moving out of the ward, financial clerks may also give a statement to those members on their last Sunday in the ward.
  • The Tithing Settlement Statement is given to each member as they come to attend tithing settlement.
  • The Official Tax Statement should be delivered to each donor by January 31 of each year. Although they can be delivered anytime in January, it is prudent to wait until the middle of January so that any late-December donations paid for by checks that were then returned unpaid by the bank can be properly canceled.

Statements for former ward members

Wards are required to print Official Tax Statements for each donor. If donors have moved out of the ward, and have left their new address or that address can be reasonably obtained, wards should mail the statement to them. Otherwise, the statement should be kept on file for one year in case the donor contacts the ward to request that statement. Donor records for members who have moved out of the ward will usually contain their current address updated automatically. This is especially useful when printing mailing labels. When a ward or branch is discontinued, the stake or district responsible for the unit should follow the procedure for discontinuing a ward or branch. Members should contact the stake for their contribution Official Tax Statements.

Members should request any statement not yet received, from their former or current wards/branches where they made their contributions. Wards and branches can reprint donor statements for any of the previous three years in the USA and Puerto Rico, or any of the previous five years in Canada. Donors may request statements for contributions which were made in years prior to these by completing and submitting to Church headquarters a Contribution Information Request form.

Note: This form should not be used to request statements which are available from the wards/branches where the contributions were made.

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