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Duplicate membership records

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If a member has duplicate records appearing in MLS, you will need to remove one of them.

Two types of membership record appear in MLS: (1) a temporary membership record that is a place holder until the individual’s membership record is sent to the ward, and (2) a membership record.

Temporary membership record

Main article: Temporary membership record

Temporary membership records exist for two reasons.

  1. When you create a new membership record in MLS, a temporary record acts as a placeholder until the official membership record is sent back to MLS from the administrative office. This temporary record should be automatically replaced with the new membership record, but if it is not replaced, you must manually remove it.
  2. Temporary records are also associated with “Nonmember” and “Out of Unit Members” records. Creating one of these records will create a corresponding temporary record. Therefore, remove only duplicate or unnecessary temporary records.

Canceling a duplicate membership record

To cancel a duplicate membership record[1]:

  1. From the MLS Membership Records panel click More.
  2. From the View and Update panel click More.
  3. From the Other Record Changes panel click Cancel Record.
  4. From Cancel Record, select the member record to cancel, and then as the Reason for Cancellation, select Duplicate Record.
  5. Click Select to choose the correct Member Record Number from a list, or enter the correct Member Record Number manually.
  6. Click Close, and then click Save.

If both membership records have the same name, you may need to look at the detailed record to determine which record should be deleted. If you have questions regarding these procedures, please contact your stake clerk.


  1. See the MLS Software Manual, page 13.