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Emergency check writing procedures

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Emergency check writing is defined as writing a check when MLS is not available (i.e., the clerk is unable to log in to MLS or the unit computer and there is an urgent need for a check to be written).

If you need to write a check and are having problems with either MLS or transmitting MLS data, it is preferred that only time-sensitive checks are written (i.e., checks that cannot wait until MLS is working again).


MLS is working but cannot transmit data

  1. Enter the check data in MLS as usual.
  2. Print checks as usual.
  3. If the check is a fast offering or another urgent item, telephone the administrative office to have the check manually entered. Then mail or deliver checks to payees.
  4. For non-urgent checks, wait to deliver checks to payees until you can successfully transmit.
  5. Transmit as soon as possible.

MLS is not working for an extended period

The preferred solution to writing checks when MLS is not working for an extended period of time is to contact a neighboring ward and have their MLS administrator help add your ward’s MLS backup to their computer. Make sure to bring your ward or stake’s most recent backup with you to complete the process. This is done by doing the following:

  1. Have the other unit’s administrator login to MLS.
  2. From the main screen of MLS, select System Options under the gold statue of Moroni.
  3. Click Unit.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Add Unit.
  5. Fill in all necessary information. It is not necessary to fill in Dialer Options.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Log off of MLS.
  8. When logging back in to MLS there will be a Unit dropdown menu. Select the new unit and log in with the new administrator username and password.
  9. From the main screen of MLS click on Restore from a File.
  10. Restore the new unit’s backup that was brought over.

Note: A security reset will be needed for the new unit to transmit from the computer. This can be done by contacting the administrative office.

Be sure to continue to back up the stake/ward’s information each time changes are made in MLS. Once the unit’s computer is working again, the most recent backup will be the one used to restore your unit’s information to the original computer.

Handwritten checks

Handwritten checks should be reserved for true emergency situations only when approved by the bishop or stake president. If a handwritten check is approved:

  • The following items must be handwritten on the check:
- Date written
- Payment amount
- Payee's name
- Numeric amount of check
- Signatures from two authorized signers
  • Telephone 800-453-3860, ext. 2-3495 (801-240-3496 in Salt Lake area), option 1, the same day checks are written (or if after business hours, by 10 a.m. mountain time on the next business day).
  • Once MLS is working again, the check data must be entered into MLS and the check printed on a blank sheet of paper. Do not use a sheet of check stock paper for this purpose.
  • File the check information printed on plain paper with the supporting documentation (receipts/approvals) of the check.