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The following consists of what has been released in the version 1.4.3 of EMMA. The prefix (EMMA-###) indicates the card number within the internal tracking system JIRA and a provided link for those with access.

User Stories

  • EMMA-543 Manage groups (Add and Edit)
  • EMMA-693 Stabilize System - Backbone
  • EMMA-597 Manage Users (Add, Edit and Delete)
  • EMMA-662 Manage Roles (Refactor) - (Add and Edit)
  • EMMA-640 Canary Monitoring Page


  • EMMA-573 Admin - Edit Group Leads Save and Cancel Margin
  • EMMA-709 Application inaccessible in production due to "Load timeout for modules" error
  • EMMA-708 Booth Grid - Recording Table Columns Not Sorting
  • EMMA-659 Admin - Chrome/Safari - Add User modal fails to show Search Icon
  • EMMA-728 Admin - Group Leads Cannot be Removed
  • EMMA-730 Admin - Safari/Chrome - New Role Privileges are Cutoff from Display
  • EMMA-729 Admin - Safari/Chrome - New User to Group members Doesn't Show Form
  • EMMA-660 Admin - Chrome/Safari - Add New User Modal failing to change state based on username value
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