Emma 1.5.0 release notes

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Executive Summary

  1. Enhanced Event Summary screen
    1. Include more useful information
    2. Edit/Add Event information
  2. Enhanced Event scheduling screen to add events easily and enter additional useful information
    1. Added venue (location) input
    2. Added Distribution types input
    3. Added Category input (to group events by type such as: Conference, CES, etc.)
  3. Enhanced Interpretation Booth Grid screen:
    1. To load quickly
    2. To more easily switch between event activities
    3. To improve management of booth interpretation and translation settings
  4. Enhanced Speaker’s List screen:
    1. To load quickly
    2. Use “Drag-and-Drop” to order speakers
    3. Assign interpreters and translators to each speaker
  5. Added Event Schedule Report
  6. Implemented a consistent design throughout all screens in application

User Stories

The following consists of what has been released in the version 1.5.0 of EMMA. The prefix (EMMA-###) indicates the card number within the internal tracking system JIRA and a provided link for those with access.

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