Emma 2.1.0 release notes

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Executive Summary

  1. Create Interpreter Dashboard
    1. Show Speaker/Talks assigned to Interpreter
    2. Show upcoming events
    3. Show current user profile
  2. Create User Profile Screen
    1. Allow user to update profile
    2. Allow user to see their team members
    3. Allow user to set notification preferences
  3. Synch interpreter list with LDSTS
    1. Import most current interpreter list
    2. Always keep interpreter list up-to-date
  4. Implement Restricted Access to Confidential information and features
    1. Restrictions limited by user role
    2. Limit what the user can see
    3. Limit what updates the user can do
  5. Audit Logging
    1. Track Event updates
    2. Track user logins

User Stories

The following consists of what has been released in the version 2.1.0 of Event Central. The prefix (EMMA-###) indicates the card number within the internal tracking system JIRA and a provided link for those with access.

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