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Financial clerk

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Financial clerks deal with many issues. A financial clerk is an assistant ward clerk, or at the stake level, an assistant stake clerk.

Weekly processing

Each week (more often if necessary), financial clerks work with the bishopric to process donations and expenses. At the stake level, the financial clerk works with the stake presidency (but not the counselor assigned to chair the Audit Committee).


Monthly processing

Each month, financial clerks are responsible for reviewing the unit's MLS finances in the "Action Items" section of the Unit Financial Statement. Clerks should follow up on and correct any outstanding checks over six months old or other outstanding items over one month old.

Financial accounts

Clerks responsible for finances should carefully monitor the funds in the following accounts/categories.


The following reports are produced regularly. Financial clerks should become familiar with them.

Year end procedures

Some financial tasks are only completed at the end of the year.

Record retention and disposal

After the end of the year, securely dispose of outdated records by shredding or burning (see Record Retention).

Form 1099-MISC

Stakes in the United States are required to file Form 1099-MISC by January 31 if any payees have received over $600 during the previous year for rent or services, with several exceptions.