Fund-raising activities are not normally approved because expenses for activities are paid from the budget allowance. As an exception, a stake president or bishop may authorize group fund-raising activities only when necessary to help pay for annual camps and equipment as outlined below. [1]

Fund-raising guidelines for annual camps and equipment

Those conducting fund-raising activities should:

  1. Comply with tax and liability guidelines presented in Handbook 1: Stake Presidents and Bishops.
  2. Not sell products or services door-to-door.
  3. Not advertise or solicit outside the unit boundaries.
  4. Provide meaningful value or service.
  5. Provide a positive experience and build harmony and unity within the group.
  6. Obtain the bishop's approval for the fund-raising activity.

Accounting for funds from fund-raising activities

For approved fund-raising activities, funds raised should be deposited into a specific subcategory of the Other category.

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  1. Handbook 2: Administering the Church [2010], 13.6.8
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