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Get started with MLS

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In order to get started with MLS, the product needs to be installed and configured to communicate with Church headquarters.

Installation and repair

Main article: MLS installation and repair

MLS is installed on new administrative computers by the stake technology specialist. Upgrades are generally downloaded automatically during an MLS transmission. The Stake Technology Specialist can help with any installation issues that may require troubleshooting or repair.

A "finance only" version of MLS is available for Family History Centers.

Using MLS

MLS users

Main article: MLS users

Each user of MLS has a unique login name and associated password, and is assigned the rights relevant to his or her calling. MLS users should always exit MLS and log out of Windows before leaving the computer unattended.

Navigating through MLS

The main MLS screen consists of a main menu across the top, as well as up to six panels with links to specific screens pertaining to the topic of the panel. Many panels have a More link in the lower right corner of the panel; the More link or the picture at the top of the panel may be clicked to drill down to another page which will also have up to six more panels with links.

The main menu provides an alternate method for navigating through the MLS user interface.

Both the main menu and the panels are filtered according to the permissions of the logged-in user; the user will see only those portions of MLS that match their user permissions.

Keyboard shortcuts

MLS has a variety of keyboard shortcuts that can make navigation simpler.