Global Service Center - IT Support

The IT Support portion of the Global Service Center (GSC) provides technical support for stake technology specialists when they are not able to find answers and solutions themselves at places like the Tech wiki or forum.

Items that they may be able to assist with include Church-related

Contacting IT Support

Authorized individuals may contact the IT Support portion of the Global Service Center in the following ways:

  • by phone from the Salt Lake City area at 1-801-240-HELP (4357)
  • by phone in the US and Canada at 1-866-678-2763 (toll free)
  • by phone in Europe and Africa at +800-2950-2950 (toll free)
  • by e-mail at

Note: IT Support (ITS) is one of 3 groups at the Global Service Center. Other groups include Distribution Services Division (DSD) and Member Leader Unit (MLU) or (MLS) support

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