Gospel Library Java ME installation videos

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Please add appropriate videos here demonstrating other methods of installing the Gospel Library app on feature phones.

Android (Nexus 4) to feature phone (Sony Ericsson w580i) video

Android to feature phone steps (as transcribed from above video)

Step 1. (On the Android phone) Do a google search for "gospel library javame download"

The first result should take you here:

Step 2. Download the jad and the jar. For English: Jad: Jar:

Some phones require the jad and the jar and other phones only require the jar.

Step 3. Turn bluetooth on in the Settings of the Android phone. Make it visible to all nearby bluetooth devices.

Step 4. On the feature phone, Under Connectivity, select BlueTooth. Make sure it is turned on. Go to 'My Devices' Click 'New Device" Click Add

It will search for the Android phone and when it finds it, select it.

Enter a passcode on the feature phone and then enter the same passcode on the Android phone.

Step 5. On the android phone click on Downloads (look for the Files application), select both the Jad and Jar file. Then click on the dotted line icon that looks like a less than symbol "<" , then click on Bluetooth, Look for the feature phone in the list on the Android phone and select it.

Step 6. On the feature phone, accept the incoming download if prompted to do so. If it says operation failed that is okay, it just means that you don't need that file.

Step 7. After it has finished downloading, you can save it to a folder like Applications.

Step 8. Launch the application and see if it works.

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