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There is a desire to have a comprehensive scripture document for the Amazon Kindle. This page specifies Mobipocket document requirements as well as look-and-feel requirements for the document.

You can download the official (free) Gospel Library app for Kindle Fire here.

Any content that is available will also be listed on the Gospel Library for eBooks page.

Project guidelines

  1. Document should index successfully on the Kindle
  2. Document should quickly find Book/Chapter/Verse using Kindle Search
  3. Document should navigate easily with regards to the five-way control
  4. Document will be formatted from LDSxml using a *language* script
    • I would prefer Python - Jjolly 17:12, 2 April 2010 (UTC)


Long-term goals

  1. Fully cross-referenced

Desired features (brainstorm)

Feel free to contribute and add opinions.

  • Any reason we can't just convert the ePub version using Calibre or similar scripts to the Mobipocket format?
    • Tried this tonight. The Book of Mormon mobi output from Calibre seems to work well on the Kindle. Brumfieldad 10/7
    • Sorry, but I think that the scriptures need to be Active content. I've been using this Kindle version of the scriptures on my Kindle for a couple of months now, and it is not a stellar experience. See my review. The scriptures simply need to have a navigatable breadcrumb trail at the top of the page, and this isn't a built in feature to the Kindle. They also need a much faster way of getting to a verse. It is going to have to be an app. --Wfindlay 17:36, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
    • I made a version from the xml scriptures that has the book, chapter, and verse (i.e. or alma.5.10) before each verse that allows for fast lookup. I also have the footnotes working pretty well it seems. I'm still doing a little work on the Topical Guide and Bible dictionary, but I'm pretty close on those too. I tried this out in Church today and I was actually able to keep up with the lesson (much better than a couple of other versions I've tried in the last couple of weeks). I actually made it as an epub and converted it to a mobi using Calibre (it was easier for me to find info on epubs). Another advantage is that I now have both epub and mobi. I saw the previous post on wanting an active content version, I think that would be cool, but I wanted something I could use now. Is there any interest in what I have? On disadvantage to the way I did it is if you have the Kindle read the book to you it sounds funny with the abbreviated verse markers and the footnote markers, but even with just a number in front of a verse it doesn't flow very well. I'd rather get the MP3's anyway instead of the computer voice. The script I used to parse the XML is in Ruby. I think I'm handling most stuff right, but I'd consider them to be beta quality without further testing. -- davewking 1/9/2011
    • Dave, I'd love to get a copy of the Kindle version you've been working on. At the very least I could provide some testing and feedback and may be able to contribute as well (just discovered Calibre last week and started using it for personal project conversions to Kindle). There are certainly many others who are interested in this although most people are not aware of this wiki... perhaps we should include a link in some reviews for scripture products currently available in the Kindle store. -- ameyers 1/22/2011
    • I would also love to see the Kindle version you've been working on Dave. -- kureosity 2/25/2011
    • I would also be interested in seeing the version you are working on. I think that the active content method is the way to go in the end, mostly because I feel that it could make the UI easier for a larger audience. If the current implementation by daveking is able to bookmark locations for fast returns then maybe quicker is better. I am curious how the best way to handle crossrefs, we use the version built for blackberry and since we don't have a touch screen it is cumbersome to get to the cross reference. I would propose if it is an active content devices, a popup window using a method like the dictionary but showing all of the cross references for the versus shown on the page while the crossrefs popup window is displayed. It would then let you only have to navigate through the smaller window with crossrefs, instead of trying to move the cursor to the exact word in the verse on the page. -- stuwoots
  • Has anyone tried the free version at ? The Blackberry version is Kindle compatible. I really like it. For footnotes, the word has a link so you can see the footnotes and go to the reference, topical guide, dictionary, etc. Additionally, each verse has the chapter and verse above it so you always know where you are. -- User:mdgibson:mdgibson 4/28/2011
    • I have been using this, and it is just not fast enough with all the navigation links. I think that, if we do not end up making it active content, we need to be able to search a scripture from the home screen, which is not possible with the version because it is formatted as a dictionary(because of the index and the Bible Dict). -- c_smith

  • Some Ideas for a Kindle App:
  • Is it not possible to port or rewrite the Gospel Library from Android to active content on Kindle? The main difference is that you would want to touch the screen to go to the next page instead of scrolling. Other than that, the basic functionality would be the same. Some advanced features like screen rotation and tilt scrolling would not be applicable to the regular kindle. --trent_s 2/26/2012
  • Desired features:
    • I believe the scriptures needs to be an app. I am looking for the ability to view cross references (including all standard works, JST of the Bible, various church manuals, ensigns, general conference addresses), the ability to add my own cross references and notes that are synced up with my LDS account. If possible, I would like the ability to add new items (such as Jesus the Christ, Miracle of forgiveness, gospel principles, or Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith), and cross reference with those as well. The navigation needs to be better than it currently is (I use the mobi files from [1] - windows mobile files, and have to navigate back to the table of contents to get anywhere I want to, or have to go back to the home page, then open a different standard work, such as Bible to Book of Mormon).
  • If I had the ability to program it myself, I would have tabs across the top that had one tab for each of the below:
    • Book of Mormon
    • Bible
    • Doctrine and Covenants
    • Pearl of Great price
    • Latest general conference text
    • Possibly the latest ensign
    • Other (Which has links to a variety of books I have on my kindle, with the option to link new ones)

  • Features that I would like to see. Ability to:
    • Follow cross references, but still get back to where I was reading fairly easily
    • Create my own cross references, that are linked like the regular cross references, that can easily be followed on the next reading
    • Download the ensign (and possibly new era and friend) each month, and reminds to connect to wireless after a certain date (upon opening the program) if it hasn’t been updated for a certain time frame.
  • While I don't currently program for the kindle, this is what I am looking for in a LDS scripture app, and would be happy to help in any way I can.
  • It'll be great if I just had the scriptures in Portuguese on my Kindle. It could be just the Book. -- Glufke
  • I would love the ability to highlight chapter headings and questions in lesson manuals.
  • Update: After seeing the Gospel Library App for the church on an apple device, something similar to that on the kindle would be fabulous. (Updated 12/28/2011)

--Tylerahancock 17:40, 12 December 2011 (UTC)

Project roadmap

These are all tentative requirements and are subject to change.

Version 0.0 requirements

  1. Scriptures formatted properly

Source repository location

The Subversion repository for the source code for this project is located at

Issue tracker location

There is no issue tracker.

Beta availability

Compiling from SVN


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