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  • Gospel Library for BlackBerry OS 10 !!! Be sure to delete any previous version before attempting the download !!!
[ ]
  • Version introduces improved sideloading of data.
  • Version 1.0.5 introduces a multi-language option, and a simplified download.


From your BlackBerry's Browser, go to

Downloads for other languages

Initial setup

If your BlackBerry is set to English, Spanish, or Portuguese, when you start the app for the first time, it will download that language. To download an additional language, wait for the primary language to finish downloading, then select settings--languages and select one of the other languages. When you back out of that menu, it will ask to download that language.

Updating content

Periodically, new content will become available. The currently scheduled content is the new "General Conference" which will be released some time after conference texts are finalized and translations are completed.

To update, just select settings--download latest content and your BlackBerry will download the latest table of contents, compare it to your current data, and download any new content which has become available.

Downloading the App to a BlackBerry device

You can download the app to a BlackBerry with a wi-fi connection. This procedure is very simple, installs a full version of the scriptures and does not require a data plan.

  1. Visit this website [] in the smartphone's browser.
  2. Select your language, and find the appropriate .jad file.
  3. Click it to begin installing.
  4. Press the "Download" button when it appears.
  5. Choose "Run" when the installation completes.
  6. Click "Download" to access the latest content.

This process has been tested on a BlackBerry 9320 and 9360.

Watch a YouTube video [1] which demonstrates the download process.

Télécharger à un portable BlackBerry

  1. Visiter le site web [] à l'aide du navigateur BB.
  2. Selectionner la langue, et trouver le fichier .jad.
  3. Cliquer pour installer l'application.
  4. Appuyer le bouton "Download".
  5. Revisiter l'écran d'acceuil. Cliquer l'icône noire "?" pour lancer l'application.

Voir un vidéo YouTube [2] pour savoir télécharger les écritures .

Sideloading the App from a computer

A manual install will sideload (copy) the app from a computer to a BlackBerry. (The cellphone not require a current data plan but does need a media (microSD) card.)

Use the browser on your computer [] to access Gospel Library for JavaME.

  1. Select your language, and download the appropriate .jad/.jar pair. The "A" pairing will install a full version of the scriptures, the "AB" only The Book of Mormon. Just click each file to begin the download.
  2. Attach a USB cable to the phone and a Windows or Mac computer. (No Linux-compatible drivers available.)
  3. Copy both files to "Folders > Media Card" on the BlackBerry.
  4. Disconnect the USB to see the media card on the device.
  5. Find your BlackBerry's File Manager (look in the Applications Menu).
  6. Navigate to GospelLibrary.jad, select and run it.
  7. Choose "Download" to install the app. If it complains that it is "Unsigned or Untrusted," select yes.

Watch a YouTube video [3] which shows how to sideload Gospel Library .

These procedures have been tested on a BlackBerry 8330, 9320 and 9360.

Pour installer les Écritures, svp cliquer ici: [] pour télécharger les fichiers Écritures.jad et Écritures.jar. Utiliser le BlackBerry Desktop Manager et un câble USB à les copier à la carte mémoire de votre portable BlackBerry. À l'aide du BlackBerry File Manager, sélectionner le fichier Écritures.jad pour l'éxécuter. Ça y est! Il faudra un moment bref pour finir l'installation du contenu.

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