Gospel Library for Windows Known Issues


Gospel Library for Windows 10

Below is a list of known issues with Gospel Library for Windows. This new version of the application has been written specifically for Windows 10 and takes advantage of Microsoft's Universal App Platform. Bugs that have been struck out below are bugs that are currently fixed in the code and will be fixed in an upcoming update to the beta.

You can learn more about Gospel Library for Windows 10 here.

General Issues

Users will sometimes experience any of the following error messages because of bad or mismatched content updates: "ArgumentNull_Generic", "There was an error while prefetching annotations.", "Arg_NullReferenceException", and "The link is broken or the content may be unavailable." The developers of Gospel Library for Windows are working with the Church's content team to rework the content catalogs and delivery methods to prevent these issues in the future. For now, removing the affected content, restarting the app, and redownloading the previously unavailable content or complete app reset are the best solutions to these errors.


  • (VSO 856) InvalidCast_Com when making annotations in multiple window scenarios.

Annotations Editor

  • (VSO 676) Invert cancel/delete/save button locations to match iOS, or use the more Windowsy close button and place save at the bottom below and to the right of Notebooks
  • (VSO 829) Notes/journal entries sometimes prompt to save changes when no changes have been made.
  • (VSO 877) When attempting to add a link to a journal entries using the + button in the editor, the user is presented with a ArgumentNull_Generic error instead of starting the linking process.


  • (VSO 857) Bookmarks in the Bookmarks pane do not work at all after recently installing or resetting the application. The app must be closed and reopened before the bookmarks work.
  • (VSO 868) After being updated, bookmarks continue to navigate to their old locations until the app is restarted.


  • (VSO 788) It's not intuitive to have to select media again to get it to play after it has finished. For example, if I play Psalm 10, then move to Psalm 15, there's nothing that tells the user that, in order to get to Psalm 15's audio, they have to click the Select Audio button. If the audio playback has stopped (the chapter has finished playing or was never started) the app should be switching the audio selection for the user.


  • (VSO 603) Remove the redundant Doctrine and Covenants from Library Contents Entries for sections
  • (VSO 804) A blank semantic square appears between M and N in the semantic zoom view of the Topical Guide.


  • (VSO 837) App may be unresponsive during downloading. After initial launch, for example, a user cannot close the change log because the app is downloading the "starter" books.


  • (VSO 720) Printing currently only supports the base content, and doesn't include any annotations--notes, tags, links, or markings.


  • (VSO 854) Search results for Church Magazines and General Conference past 2013 appear out of sequence, appearing below other available years instead of being sorted in reverse chronological order with the rest of the results.

Sheet Music

  • (VSO 879) When transitioning to content in the Hymns or Children's Songbook that does not contain sheet music, like the First Lines and Titles page or hymns without sheet music because of copyright limitations, the sheet music from previous content that does fails to go away.


  • (VSO 808) References locations are not rehighlighted when switched back to in tabs. Open a piece of content, for example, Jacob 4. Open a reference and follow it, like "little"s link to Jarom 1:14 in verse 1. Open a new tab. Now switch back to Jarom. Note that the chapter is scrolled, but the referenced verse is not highlighted.


  • (VSO 814) Ctrl + Mouse Wheel doesn't adjust the text size, but literally zooms on the HTML document.
  • (VSO 838) Change log doesn't appear until the user navigates to the home page.
  • (VSO 876) The "Change Margins" feature squashes the entire webview, moving the scroll bars to the middle of the visible space and causing the app's home screen to look a bit broken. The feature also only provides options for normal margins and slightly larger margins, instead of a series of various sizes, like very small, small, normal, large, very large.
  • (VSO 878) For some users, the "Report Issue to the Developers" button does not function as expected.
  • (VSO 880) In all versions of the app, after first run (and in beta/release versions, after large content updates), the downloads counter can sometimes get stuck and fails to update and dismiss itself when downloads complete.

Mobile-Specific Issues

  • (VSO 845) Section covers remain pressed upon returning to their screen after switching tabs.
  • (VSO 846) Pressing "Home" does not take the user to the top of the Home screen (as expected) if the user is already on the Home screen.
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