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Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and Known Issues below for quick help to common issues with the Gospel Library for Palm webOS. If you can't find the answer to your problem or if you've found a new bug, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I comnunicate with other webos Gospel Library users?

When will the 2012 Curriculum be available?

  • (This includes Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith, etc)
  • As of 10 Jan 2012 this content hasn't been included in the official version in the app catalog yet, however, John Hansen has been kind enough to make an unofficial version of the application available along with a couple of zip files containing content (one for the "built in" content such as the scriptures and another for the rest of the available content incluing new manuals and magazines, etc). At some point in the future a new version of the application should be available in the app catalog but in the meantime, using the unofficial version is the best way to enable use of the additional content. Note that using this unofficial version requires performing extra steps on a PC and on your device, which are currently documented in the following forum posts and also summarized below:
  • The unofficial version was created for the TouchPad, but should work on all currently available webOS devices, although there may be some minor inconveniences on the smaller screens (Pixi/Veer). Also keep in mind that this is a work in progress so it is suggested that you check the forums for any more recent posts with relevant information.
  • Install Process for Unofficial Application Including New Content (as of 10 Jan 2012):
    • It's best to remove the standard Gospel Library application from your device before installing the unofficial version. This can be done by going to the Software Manager on your device (usually under Settings or System in the launcher), then tap Gospel Library in Software Manager and tap Delete.
    • Download the application package file and content files to your PC (might want to create a folder called something like touchpad or pre in your documents or downloads folder to save them into to help keep things organized):
    • Download webOS Quick Install 4.3.1 to your PC (which is necessary for installing non-standard applications):
    • Turn on developer mode on your device if it is not already turned on. Enter webos20090606 into Just Type and then tap the Developer Mode app icon that appears. If the slider in the top right corner says ON then you can simply close the app and continue. If it says OFF then slide it to the right to turn it ON then tab Submit WITHOUT entering any password (leave it blank).
    • Connect your device to your computer via the USB cable and select USB Drive mode to have your device show up as a removable disk on your computer.
    • Extract to the root of this new drive, for example, d:\ if that is the drive letter assigned to your device. In Windows Explorer you should see a folder called d:\.ldssa and if you open that folder you should see "content" and within that folder "eng" and then a few folders below that which contain the gospel library content.
    • Extract OR to the same location (the root of the drive that represents your device). If it asks about overwriting files it's OK to say yes.
      • At least one user has had problems copying/extracting a lot of content to a Veer from a Windows PC. The USB connection sometimes seems to time out or fail in some way and you can no longer see files on the device from the PC. The disk is there but appears to be empty. It's necessary to disconnect and reconnect the USB (and possibly also reboot the device) and then start over in this case. After reconnecting, try right clicking the disk that represents your device, pick properties, then the hardware tab, then select the disk from the list and hit the properties button. Select the properties tab, then pick optimize for better performance, and also enable caching if applicable (but don't turn off buffer flushing), and click OK. You can then try the copy again. Note that after doing this it's even more important to always use the eject function on the disk device before unplugging the USB cable.
    • Right click on the D: drive (or whatever drive letter is assigned to your device) and choose Eject to safely exit USB Drive mode.
    • While still connected via USB but no longer in USB Drive mode, double click the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file. It should launch. It may ask to install novacom drivers. If it does not launch you may need to install the Java runtime version 1.6 on your computer. Hopefully it launches, installs the drivers it needs and eventually displays a simple GUI that shows that your device is connected and ready in the top right corner of the window.
    • If you get this GUI then click the + sign button and browse for the IPK file in the folder you downloaded it to. Select the file to add it to the Files to install list. Then click Install. That should correctly install the unofficial version of the Gospel Library app onto your device.
      • If you are unable to install it this way it is also possible to install the application by copying the .ipk file to the device and installing it using Preware, details omitted here.
    • If the install succeeded (no errors), close webOS Quick Install, and you may now unplug your device from the USB cable if desired.
    • Launch the Gospel Library application and enjoy the additional content.
    • For assistance with this unofficial version of the application, you can refer to related discussions in the forum (mostly under the TouchPad Apps thread currently) or, if necessary you may contact John Hansen directly at email address afanofosc at comcast dot net. For issues with the official application or general questions, continue to use the forums or the address.

Are other languages available?

  • Not yet in the official app catalog but once again John Hansen has provided an unofficial application that supports alternate languages. It must be manually downloaded and installed. Refer to the following forum post (and note that the install process will be very similar to the above unofficial version):

Does the application support the Pre3 ?

  • Version 1.0.4 works on the Pre3, however, as of right now (6 Nov 2011), it is not listed in the HP App catalog on the Pre3 so it cannot be easily installed. Some users have been able to install it using another method, and there are a couple of posts in the forum with some hints, but the process takes more time and effort.
  • Alternately, you can try the unofficial version as documented above under 2012 content. It should also work on the Pre3 and will include all the latest content that's not yet available to the official app in the catalog.

Is there a version available for the HP TouchPad that utilizes its full screen?

  • Now available (version 1.0.4) in the HP App Catalog as of September 13th 2011. It's basically the same application but with full screen size and the addition of a back button. There are a couple of relatively minor known issues with this version on the TouchPad which are noted below.

Known issues

Current Issues

  • In portrait mode, unable to see last ~4 books of the Old and New Testament after scrolling down to end of screen. Landscape mode doesn't seem to have the problem. Problem noticed on Touchpad (both webOS 3.0.2 and 3.0.4) with Gospel Library 1.0.4.
  • Unable to create new study topic. Pressing the "Create Topic" button doesn't initiate any response. Problem noticed on Touchpad. Gospel Library 1.0.4. Also occurs on Pre3.
  • After opening up help page, no way to go back into the rest of the app without exiting it completely. Only affects TouchPad (other devices can use the back gesture).

Old/Resolved Issues

  • The last several items under April 2010 General Conference (Teachings for Our Time, General Auxiliary Presidencies, News of the Church) don't work in version 1.0.0
  • Gospel Principles Chap 10. There is a whole paragraph missing (the last one under the heading "The Bible"). This problem is also present in the ereader version. Gospel library ver. 1.0.0
    • Update: version 1.0.1 has discrepancies throughout Gospel Principles.
  • Notes and Highlights not being saved in version 1.0.0. The problem seems to get resolved by deleting the program and re-loading it.
  • Search Function. The search function stopped working in version 1.0.1. The fix has been made and will be in version 1.0.2.
  • Lockup Problem. A problem has been discovered where the application does not respond at the Book level or at about the third level down. The source has been discovered and is being corrected and will be in the next update. The only work around at this time is to delete the application and reinstall it, losing marks and notes in the process.
    • I believe this has been fixed as of 1.0.4 which is in the HP App Catalog.
    • Note: For at least one user, this lockup issue seemed to resolve itself without removing or updating the app. It might be worth fiddling around, including things like closing the app, restarting the phone, opening up the application's Preferences and changing all the options (set to full justification, fixed rotation, change auto scroll speed), creating a random study topic, etc.
  • Not available in the App Catalog. As a result of a recent update, users who are running webOS 1.X are not able to download the app from the catalog. This problem will be remedied as soon as possible.
    • Fixed.
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